Core Team

Head of Community
Head of Community
André Perkins Graphic Designer

Software Development Team

With software developers working across the globe GMR benefits from a talented team that includes experienced systems architects, senior software developers with computer engineering specialties, full-stack web developers, front and backend developers in senior and junior roles, and extremely talented solidity contract writers who specialize in blockchain security and threat analysis.
Our current software and web development team consists of more than 10 developers.

Community Moderators

GMR has a vibrant and engaged community of over 140,000 followers and subscribers across our social platforms and we benefit from world-class moderators who help maintain a happy and inclusive atmosphere in the community.
There are more than 25 community moderators involved in the GMR project, working on Podcasts, community tournaments, social engagement, and helping stakeholders in the community channels.

Work with Us

Interested in joining the GMR team? We're growing!
If you're passionate about all things crypto, we'd love to hear from you.
GMR is currently looking for marketing, communications and crypto product specialists. We're also looking for junior and senior software engineers with experience in React, Node.js, dApps and smart contracts.
Contact us at [email protected] for more information about specific roles and opportunities.
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