By the end of this current roadmap, GMR will have completed Phase 1 of a planned multi-phase development process. As such, this is not an exhaustive list of all our planned products and concepts.


  • List on PancakeSwap.
  • List on CoinMarketCap.
  • List on CoinGecko.
  • List on Bitmart.
  • List on LA Token
  • Partner with Mazer Gaming.
  • Participate in MVBII (finished in top 20).
  • Launch Leet Mascot.
  • Participate in MVBIV.
  • Launch community governance system.
  • Launch staking.
  • Reveal cross-chain deployment strategy.
  • Initiate first cross-chain implementation.
  • List on a top 5 exchange.

GMR Center

  • Create membership registration.
  • Add user profile management.
  • Launch Non-Fungible Leets dApp.
  • Launch migration dApp.
  • Launch Social Timeline. (Beta - Retro Badge Members only)
  • Launch NFLs marketplace BETA (NFT Hub).
  • Launch New GMR Center homepage.
  • Launch staking.
  • Launch Social Timeline. (Full release)
  • Launch Battle Leet dApp
  • Launch GamerVerse dApp
  • Launch Leet Lotto
  • Launch general NFT marketplace (NFT Hub).
  • Launch Arcade.
  • Launch streaming.


  • Develop GMR Center API for socials.
  • Create a database storage solution.
  • Write image handling solution.
  • Add public profile pages with bios.
  • Launch public Alpha release of GMR Socials
  • Add @ mentions.
  • Add member search.
  • Integrate notifications.
  • Add hashtags and hashtag search.
  • Launch Social Timeline Beta for 9,000 Retro Badge Members.
  • Add subscribe/watch to posts for notifications.
  • Enable comments on comments.
  • Enable media in comments.
  • Launch full application release to all members.
  • Add channels.
  • Add enriched links.
  • Integrate GMR tipping. 💸
  • Add following/follower functionality.
  • Add Super Likes. 💸
  • Add up-votes.
  • Release NFT Comments. 💸


  • Finalize designs.
  • Create wireframes.
  • Write auction contract.
  • Write NFLs marketplace contract.
  • Create a subgraph for polling collections.
  • Launch NFLs browser.
  • Launch NFLs details page.
  • Develop frontend for the marketplace.
  • Launch NFLs marketplace BETA.
  • Write make offer contract.
  • Launch NFLs marketplace BETA publicly.
  • Write straight sale contract.
  • Launch general NFT marketplace.
  • Write Game Swag contract.
  • Launch in-game/out-game NFT marketplace.


  • Reveal GamerVerse roadmap.
The GamerVerse is a core development ambition for GMR and as such warrants a standalone whitepaper and roadmap. These documents will be published separately and linked to here.

Battle Leet

  • Create the initial concept.
  • Create game user stories.
  • Create user flow charts.
  • Create environment sketches.
  • Create character stories.
  • Create character sketches.
  • 3D render all Non-Fungible Leets.
  • Create full resolution environment assets.
  • Create full resolution rigged character assets.
  • Create basic gameplay mechanics.
  • Add Event Log to whitepaper.
  • Reveal Battle Leet roadmap.
  • Launch Battle Leet & Battle Droid reveal.
  • Launch teaser trailer including gameplay aspects.
  • Develop Web3 integration toolkit.
  • Develop advanced gameplay mechanics.
  • Launch Battle Pass holders beta test.
  • Launch Battle Leet Open Beta.
  • Launch Battle Leet Infected Open Beta.
  • Turn on P2E & P2C (Play2Earn, Play2Create)
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