Hangout and game.
The following passage describes functionality that is either already deployed or is currently in development. See our Roadmap for more details on when these features will be activated.

Nostalgia Overload

The Arcade truly captures the spirit of the traditional gaming hangout. In the early iterations of our gaming platform, the Arcade will be very "Web 2.0" - cards on a page that when clicked, load up a game. As we iterate through the versions, gamers will see our Arcade evolve into a complex and beautiful interactive space. A place to truly hang out with peers and game - game in the "Web 3.0" era.
The Arcade also offers a space for every game developer to publish their blockchain games to the GMR community. Through our gaming toolkit technologies, game developers will have an engaged and activated audience right from launch!

Pathing The Way

As we develop our gaming toolkit, which will offer game developers access to a suite of tools designed to integrate Web3 functionality into games, we will first aim to demonstrate the power of such tools by developing our very own blockchain-powered game: Battle Leets.

A Modern Arcade

Through roadmap activation, we are evolving what it means to "hangout down the Arcade". As we iterate through development, the Arcade will relocate to a new home... Welcome to the GamerVerse!
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