User Experience (UX)

This whitepaper is outdated:

We are currently in the process of updating the whitepaper to reflect our most ambitious development phase yet. Stay informed by signing up or joining our Telegram channel.

We have kept this version online for informational purposes only.



Players can view their loaded Leet, see their loaded assets and make changes from the UI.

Pressing this button will begin match pairing. While the game matches players, the button will update to indicate it is searching.


Players can view their Battle Leets loaded assets and update the chosen asset for that skill zone by clicking on an asset.

Players can search through their held assets using the search bar.

This UI shows players all the assets they hold in the selected category. Players can page through the UI if they hold more than 9 assets.

Players can choose to "Champion" their assembled Battle Leet using this UI. This takes all the individual assets and the Battle Leet base unit and mints them together into a BEP-721 token. "Championed" Battle Leets receive additional buffs inside the game.

By hovering over an asset in this UI, players can view additional information associated with that specific asset. Including information such as the in-game skill related to it.

Load Leets

Players can search through their held Leets using the search bar.

Players can page through their held leets via this UI. Leets are sorted by token ID.

Win/Lose Round

The rewards for winning rounds are displayed in the above UI. This UI will show for 3 seconds before the next round begins.

Win/Lose Battle

Similar to the above UI, rewards will be displayed when a battle is won or lost. Players must "Accept" the rewards to complete the transaction.


A round timer is indicated at the top of the in-battle UI. The progress of each player is indicated on either side of the round timer.

A player's health and energy indicator are shown above their Leet.

A white circle indicates the size of the Battle Leet collider, moving with the player and constrained to the ground.

Icons of the player skills. Fully shown when ready. Obscured when not ready. Countdown indicators are displayed when a skill is in "cool-down."

The key text shows the hotkey to which those skills are bound.


Drag and drop towards the wheel from here. While drag and droping, obscure all elements except the wheel slots and the selected emote.

Emote wheel will appear in game when choosing which emote to display.

To add an emote to the wheel, we drag and drop the emote to the chosen place.

Will always display chosen emotes, unless empty. To empty a slot, drag and drop from the wheel to any other place.

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