Battle Leet

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GMR's flagship game offering, Battle Leet is an arena-based battle game built on the BNB Chain. Fight Leet on Leet in this 3D PvP skill-based game. Discover new ways to activate your Non-Fungible Leets as you bring them to life in the arena.

Play To Earn, Play To Create

In this multi-round battle game, gamers win rounds to earn $GMR and by winning enough rounds they win the battle and collect Parts. By assembling those parts in the Assembly gamers have full control over their Battle Leet!

You can choose to deploy your newly assembled Battle Leet into the arena, or sell it in the NFT Hub!

No Leet, No Problem!

Non-Fungible Leets holders will benefit from increased abilities inside the arena, and instant access to Play2Earn and Play2Create benefits (outlined in our Sustainability and Limitations documentation).

Holding a Non-Fungible Leet is not the only way to participate. Gamers without one can purchase a Battle Leet and jump straight in. You can deck out your Battle Leet by purchasing Asset Packs using $GMR right from the GMR Center, or by winning them inside the arena!

Battle Leets are an incredibly fine-tuned machine, but despite this, they typically find it hard to match up against Non-Fungible Leets, especially some of the rarer ones. To help even the playing field, gamers can pair up their Leets with a companion, computer-controlled, NFT character called a Battle Droid. Each Battle Droid has specific abilities that will fight on autopilot alongside your Leet (Battle Leet or Non-Fungible Leet).

Battle Leets, as is the case for Non-Fungible Leets, can battle without restriction inside the arena as all our characters have unlimited Free Play benefits where they can compete for account progression and leaderboard rewards. However, to enable Play2Earn and Play2Create benefits holders must first assemble their desired combination of assets and "Immortalize" their Battle Leet via our Battle Leet dapp.

Battle Droids

Battle Droids are small autonomous NFT bots, that you can purchase from the GMR Center to boost your Leets chances inside the arena. Battle Droids belong to one of four skills groups, each with a specific advantage. Battle Droids can also be leveled up as you accumulate them. Have two of the same Battle Droid type? Level them up and benefit from increased power and speed!

Losers Weep

Ok so losing doesn't have to be so bad! As each battle is multi-round, there is still the opportunity for gamers to earn $GMR from winning just one round!

See reward sustainability, eligibility, and limitations.

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