🖼️NFT Hub

Not a marketplace, but the Hub at the center of the NFT ecosystem.

This whitepaper is outdated:

We are currently in the process of updating the whitepaper to reflect our most ambitious development phase yet. Stay informed by signing up or joining our Telegram channel.

We have kept this version online for informational purposes only.

The following passage describes functionality that is either already deployed or is currently in development. See our Roadmap for more details on when these features will be activated.

Off With A Bang

With the huge success and demand, we experienced after the release of our 10,000 individual and functional Non-Fungible Leets NFT’s we will continue to develop our offerings and capacities in this digital world.

Our NFT Hub architecture will be designed around the ever-increasing momentum in NFT adoption and desirability as utility items and collectibles from the hands of established artists, influencers, and content creators.

What's In A Marketplace?

The NFT Hub and its core contracts are what underpin our entire NFT ecosystem:

  • The Hub

    For gaming NFT memorabilia and collectibles. Each piece is either curated by GMR or created by approved Creators. It's through The Hub that gamers will also sell their own approved NFTs, including achievement NFTs and NFT comments from the GMR social tools!

  • Gamer Swag

    A specialized set of interfaces and contracts to facilitate in-game NFT creation and trade.

  • Approved Collections

    Although some approved NFTs will be available to trade in The Hub, we believe some collections deserve a special place away from the noise. Our first such approved contract will be the Non-Fungible Leets collection, swiftly followed by our GMR Retro One collection.

Royalties and Fees

Every creator on the GMR Center will benefit from lifelong royalties on NFT trades made on the NFT Hub:

  • Creator-defined royalty system up to a maximum of 10% on all future sales.

  • 3% sale fee.

  • Pay no listing fees!

There is a verification process to become an approved creator on the NFT Hub. Details of the verification process will be published separately.

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