Account Progression

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A player account has different ways to measure time invested and reward players with longer playtime. These values as referred as follows:

Account Level

Amount of accumulated experience that the account has. As the player increases in level, they gain rewards and cumulative benefits for the account. The account can obtain a Maximum Level, and after that, every experience point won is added towards a โ€œrewardโ€ progression. When that limit is reached, the player is awarded another reward and the progress is rested. Experience points that go beyond the level limit are kept, accumulating towards the next level or reward progression.


Resources are awarded to the player when they participate in combat against another player. Whenever the player reaches a certain threshold of experience, the account increases in level. Experience points are only obtained through playing the game, and are withheld if the player intentionally disconnects from the match. Each round played will award a fixed amount of experience, increasing by X amount if the round was won. If the player is victorious in all rounds, an extra amount of experience is awarded, too.


Each time the player reaches a new level, they are rewarded with passive bonuses for acquiring better pieces and emotes. For each level, the player is awarded a set of predetermined rewards.

After reaching the max account level, they will be rewarded a random reward from a valid drop table.

Besides the rewards that can be obtained through leveling up, players can also win rewards from winning a round in combat. Each time a round is won, the player will roll a reward from the appropriate drop table. The third reward is constant, always set to give an amount of $GMR.

Full rewards schedule and details to follow.

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