Values & Parts

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All characters share the following common values. They can be modified trough the many parts that form a Battle Leet.





Amount of hits a player can receive. When reaching zero, the player is knocked out.


Used to cast skills. Accumulates as the player performs actions.


Speed at which the player moves within the game space.



Player Attribute

Hands (Skill 1)

Sets main skill of the player.

Antenna (Skill 2)

Sets second skill of the player. Adds modifiers to Energy and Speed of the player

Face (Skill 3)

Sets third skill of the player.

Chest (Skill 4 + Passive)

Adds modifiers to Health and Speed of the player. Sets ultimate skill of the player.

Head (Passive)

Adds modifiers to Health and Energy of the player.

Variant (Passive)

Sets player base values.

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