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Leet Crates

You can find a detailed breakdown of asset rarities and probabilities on the Asset Rarity page.

What's inside?

Leet Crates contain a randomized set of assets that can be used to decorate Battle Leets for use inside the arena. Grabbed yourself a duplicate? No worries, you can trade assets as individual NFTs inside the GMR Center NFT Hub!

How to get them

Although single assets can be won inside the arena, if you want to quickly soup up your Battle Leet you can grab a Leet Crate inside the GMR Center. Use your $GMR to purchase your Leet Crates.

Burn Notice

In an effort to offer further desirability and sustainability to the $GMR token ecosystem, all purchases of Leet Crates are conducted in $GMR and ALL proceeds from Series One sales will be burned as part of our monthly burn event!