Sustainability and Limitations

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There are sustainability-driven limits applied to the Battle Leet game. In line with those considerations, we are spearheading the Play2Create movement. This means more emphasis on gamers being able to create monetizable assets in-game, where they can choose to equip those assets for use in battle or find their value on the NFT Hub.

Play2Earn sustainability limitations

The following sustainability limitation has been determined in consultation with leading blockchain economists and advisors. The aim is to launch the most sustainable GameFi project on the BNB Chain (and other EVM networks in time). Changes to the limitations described below will only be made in consultation with our community and implemented following approval via our community governance system:

Asset typeToken typeFree Play limitRewarded Play limit

Non-Fungible Leet




Battle Leet




Immortalized Battle Leet




Rewarded Play refers to the number of battles an individual NFT character can play while being eligible to earn rewards per 24-hour period. Rewards include $GMR tokens and individual assets. During both "Rewarded Play" and "Free Play," individuals can still level up their accounts.

Available rewards

The initial launch of Battle Leet will see eligible token holders battling it out in the arena to earn real rewards. Individuals who win a round of play will earn $GMR tokens, and the victors of the battle will earn an asset part along with account progression points and bonuses.

You can find a breakdown of all in-game NFT probabilities/rarities on the Asset Rarity page.

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