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Whenever the player starts a new battle, matching it with another player requires the following steps to be considered:

PING and Latency

The first step is to find a player with a reliable connection. A latency test is performed, and if the player's connection is within acceptable variables, it performs the second step.

Acceptable ranges are within 0 to 300ms of PING.

ELO Matching

The second condition is players with a similar or equal ELO. The ELO of both players is compered, and if the variation is within the acceptable range, the players are matched.

The initial variation in ELO accepted is ±100.

ELO Equation

All accounts will have an absolute ELO tied to the specific wallet.

ELO equation implementation is still under consideration.

Matchmaking Failure

Nonetheless, it is possible for a player to fail the matchmaking process within the ranges established for each step. After 30s of searching, ranges are increased to facilitate matches. For each failure, Ping and Latency ranges are increased by 50ms, and ELO is increased in ±150.

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