In-house, expansive social networking tools from GMR.

This whitepaper is outdated:

We are currently in the process of updating the whitepaper to reflect our most ambitious development phase yet. Stay informed by signing up or joining our Telegram channel.

We have kept this version online for informational purposes only.

The following passage describes functionality that is either already deployed or is currently in development. See our Roadmap for more details on when these features will be activated.

Connecting The Dots

The GMR social networking tools are at the heart of everything we are aiming to achieve. Whether you are selling your first NFT or increasing your winning streak inside Battle Leets, you should be able to notify, share and even monetize your progress through our social tools - this is our "social everywhere" approach.

Decentralized Fame

Decentralized social networking offers us the opportunity to put the gamer in full control of all their achievements. No reason to apply for streaming "partner" status, or needing to hit millions of views to start benefitting on your gaming abilities - simply sign-up and start capitalizing!

Once you have joined the GMR center, you can begin community building and take advantage of the following features:

Guilds and Guild Zones

Gaming is much more fun when the victory is shared, and in the GMR Center, there is no better way to share than by being part of a decentralized, member-controlled Guild!

Guilds will be piloted as part of the roadmap for our flagship game Battle Leets. Each Guild member will be awarded a Guild NFT, which is unique to that Guild and acts as an access token to restricted areas and perks, along with an equal vote weight as part of the Guilds management and voting system.

Social Everywhere

As part of our "social everywhere" approach, our comments, share, and social NFT tools will be extended to our other flagship products: NFT Hub, Games such as Battle Leets, and even streaming.

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