Movement & Camera

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The player moves with a simple control scheme of WASD, alongside the mouse to control the direction of their actions.


Movement towards any direction is controlled by a combination of W,A,S,D. Movement is absolute; meaning that, no matter the direction the player is facing, they will always move towards the specific direction. W moves the player up, S down, A left, D right. Having more than one input at the same time will move the player towards a diagonal. Contradicting inputs stop the player.

The player will always face towards the position of their cursor. The direction they are facing indicates their target for many actions and skills.

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The camera is in a fixed position looking towards the player, from a high view angle. The camera cannot be rotated, but it will follow the player as it moves. It cannot be zoomed in or out, nor panned.

The camera will always follow the player with a small delay. The movement towards the player is not lineal; instead, it has a small amount of smooth towards the target position.

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