Prize Security

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Prize Security and Transparency

The foundation of Leet Lotto is rooted in trust minimization and decentralization, shaping an unparalleled lotto experience. To actualize this vision, we've seamlessly integrated the powerful Leet Lotto LottoHandler contracts with Chainlink VRF/Keepers. This transformative integration revolutionizes how we handle the prize pool and prize distribution, embodying complete transparency, decentralization, and trust minimization.

How Chainlink VRF and Upkeep integrates with Leet Lotto

By leveraging Chainlink VRF/Keepers, we ensure a level playing field for all participants. The LottoHandler contracts stand as a testament to our commitment to fairness and integrity. The prize pool is managed in a fully transparent manner, leaving no room for doubts or manipulation.

Moreover, the integration with Chainlink VRF/Keepers ushers in a new era of decentralized and trust minimized prize distribution. Through this innovative partnership, we empower the LottoHandler contracts to autonomously distribute prizes, eliminating any human intervention. This automated process guarantees fairness and removes any concerns about biases or undue influence.

Leet Lotto's integration with Chainlink VRF/Keepers is the backbone of our platform's trust minimization and decentralization. Together, we redefine the lotto landscape, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for all participants. Embrace the future of lotto gaming, where transparency, decentralization, and trust are at the heart of every draw and prize distribution.

The Prize Pool

Leet Lotto operates on a fascinating principle: the prize pool is directly fueled by the ticket purchases made by our valued participants. Every fund allocated towards ticket purchases is meticulously locked into the contract for the entire duration of the lotto. But that's not all. When it comes to NFT lottos, we take an extra step to ensure the integrity of the prize pool. The NFT prize itself is required to undergo a verifiable transfer, securely immersing it within the LottoHandler contracts. This stringent process guarantees that the prize pool, whether it consists of currency or an NFT, remains securely locked within the LottoHandler contracts, adhering to the same rigorous restrictions against any form of movement or manipulation.

By implementing this robust framework, we instill utmost confidence in our participants. The security and integrity of the prize pool are maintained at all times, assuring fairness and trust in our lotto system. Rest assured that your contributions, whether in the form of funds or an NFT, are securely safeguarded within the confines of the LottoHandler contracts.

NFT Lotto's

In the realm of NFT lottos, we offer a remarkable feature: the ability to verify NFT ownership directly from the lotto page. By simply clicking the "verify ownership" button, participants gain access to a relevant block explorer. This invaluable resource displays the current location and comprehensive transfer history of the NFT. Once an NFT is locked into the contract, it becomes immovable, instilling confidence that all NFT lottos have their prizes securely located within the lotto itself.

The beauty lies in the exclusivity granted to the LottoHandler contract—it wields the power to transfer the NFT, and solely to the winning account upon the drawing of the NFT lotto. This stringent mechanism ensures complete transparency and trust in the prize distribution process.

Currency Lotto's

Currency lotto's within Leet Lotto operate on a similar principle as NFT lotto's. The prize pool, fueled by ticket purchases made by our participants, undergoes the same secure locking mechanism within the Leet Lotto LottoHandler contracts. This ensures that the prize pool for currency lotto's is subjected to the same rigorous restrictions against any form of movement or manipulation.

Rest assured that the funds contributed by participants are securely safeguarded within the confines of the LottoHandler contracts, guaranteeing the integrity and transparency of the prize pool. The equal treatment of currency and NFT lotto's in terms of locking and movement restrictions emphasizes our commitment to fairness and trust within our platform.


Leet Lotto guarantees a trust-minimized and decentralized lotto experience for all users, regardless of whether they participate in currency or NFT lottos. Through the power of Chainlink, our platform implements consistent methods to protect, draw, and distribute all lotto prizes. This harmonized approach ensures that every participant enjoys a level playing field and an equal opportunity to win.

To fortify the integrity of the prize pool, we securely lock it within the Leet Lotto LottoHandler contracts. This safeguarding mechanism instills confidence that your funds, whether in currency or NFT form, are protected throughout the lotto journey. Moreover, NFT ownership verification can be effortlessly performed from the lotto page, enabling users to trace the location and transfer history of the NFT prize. This transparency serves as a testament to our commitment to fairness and trust.

Whether you engage in a currency or NFT lotto, rest assured that your investments and the prize pool are securely shielded. Leet Lotto's dedication to transparency and decentralization ensures that the winner selection process remains unbiased and transparent. Experience the true essence of trust, security, and excitement with Leet Lotto, where every participant has an equal chance to win and enjoy the thrill of lotto gaming.

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