Events Log

This whitepaper is outdated:

We are currently in the process of updating the whitepaper to reflect our most ambitious development phase yet. Stay informed by signing up or joining our Telegram channel.

We have kept this version online for informational purposes only.

Since the 18th of November we have changed the way the Events Log works, you will notice that we now itemize changes on a "per-build" basis. As a result, it may not be updated every week.

20/12/2022 (979)


  • Changed the behavior of Lightning Leap: players are now able to move into the direction they desire, and they get an unique haste bonus that allows them to move very quickly

  • Changed the timings of the decals of Berserk Leap

  • Changed the timings of the decals of Snapjaw

  • New particles have been added to the following antenna’s skills:

    • Snapjaw

    • Lightning leap

    • Berserk leap

    • Forward thrust

    • High roller

    • Blind navigation

    • Pong thrust

  • The tutorial is now available to play

  • Added music to the tutorial and practice room


  • The username is now properly displayed in the main menu UI

  • Enabled the leaderboards sub menu. Players are now able to see a weekly leaderboard that contains the top 10 players and their last used hands attribute

  • Changed the user interface of the practice room

  • Added images to the more sub menu

  • Added a pause menu in game, allowing players to enter the settings sub menu

  • Adjustments to the emote system:

    • Increased the duration of the emote

    • Prevented spawning of double emotes

    • Prevented display of blank emotes

    • Emote Wheel spawns from mouse position

  • Changed the buttons from the Login Screen

  • Updated the renders from the 2v2 and 3v3 pictures


  • Fixed an issue that caused the snowball to not deal any damage

  • Fixed an issue that allowed the players to click on the news button

  • Fixed an issue that caused players to see the Battle Leet in other main menu tabs that weren’t the collection tab

  • Fixed an issue that caused the force field to spawn in the Tutorial and Practice room

  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash when playing in the practice room

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Battle Leet to keep rotating when the in game settings menu was opened



  • Beat drop now has a quicker casting animation

  • Splinter barrage damage has been reduced

  • Static storm damage has been reduced

  • New particles have been added to the following antenna’s skills:

    • Zero antenna

    • Radar navigation

    • Lightweight leap

    • Berserk leap

    • Bouncing thrust

    • Boosted thrust

    • Forward thrust

    • High roller

    • Blind navigation

  • Made additional adjustments to improve the accuracy of the handheld console attack

  • Added the chest energy skill points

  • Improved the boosted signal asset in the collection menu

  • Added music for 1v1 matches

  • Health pickups now reset at the end of each round


  • Enabled the emotes sub menu. Players are now able to equip up to four emotes and show them in battle!

  • The health and energy cheats from the practice room now provides a full bar

  • Added a rarity outline in the collection menu. Players are now able to see the rarities of each attribute

  • The username is now properly displayed in the main menu UI

  • Enabled the leaderboards sub menu. Players are now able to see a weekly leaderboard that contains the top 10 players and their last used hands attribute (NOT YET IN PATCH)

  • Added playground and tutorial renders

  • Added a button to reset the controls to default in the control settings menu


  • Fixed an issue that was causing some projectiles to deal double damage if too close (applies to ranged weapons)

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the golden sanctuary particles to display incorrectly

  • Fixed an issue that caused players to be able to stack the particles of the health pickups (especially in the practice room)

  • Fixed an animation that was causing the battle leet to hold the weapon incorrectly when using the mental blast skill

  • Fixed an issue that allowed the static storm skill to be interrupted if pressing the R key multiple times in rapid succession

  • Removed the casting bar from all the skills that were currently using it

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the metal hawk skill to hit multiple targets

  • Fixed an issue in which the inevitability glove beam was stopping the oversized shuriken skill

  • Fixed an issue that caused thrusters to not apply chill touch even if the player used a face skill that allowed it

  • Fixed an issue in which the gamepad was causing double damage if clicking too quickly

  • Fixed an issue that allowed the gamepad to cause double damage while having the overclock status effect

  • Fixed an issue with the control settings being displayed incorrectly

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the mental blast projectiles to collide with a wall if the battle leet was too close to it and was looking in the opposite direction

  • Fixed an animation that was causing the battle leet to hold the weapon incorrectly when using the berserk leap skill

  • Fixed an issue that allowed on player to start the match with an empty health bar

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the plasma ray gun to multiply the damage if hitting multiple enemies at the same time

  • Fixed an issue that was causing to stack multiple particles from the health pickups in the practice room

  • Fixed an issue in which the health pickups were not being picked if the player was on their spawning location before they actually spawned



  • Adjusted the area of effect of the handheld console to correctly display the landing of the thunder particles

  • All of the face durations and cooldowns have been tweaked:

    • Cooldowns have been set to 10 seconds

    • Positive effects now last 5 seconds

    • Negative effects now last 2 seconds

    • Powerful effect removed from seeing red

  • Overclock effect has been added to golden sanctuary

  • Snowball initial damage has been increased

  • The dummies of the practice room now display a white effect when being hit by a player & the particle effects when being struck by a skill

  • Players are now able to hover over an skill (in-game) to see its description

  • Improved the interaction between the fog of war and certain skills


  • Enabled settings menu: includes controls, graphics and & sound sub menus

  • Changed the practice room skill menu

  • Changed the text when starting the round

  • Improved the round point visualization of the game hud

  • Improved the position of the “no energy” and the “next round starting…” texts


  • Fixed an issue that caused the gamepad to do double damage

  • Fixed an issue where the plasma discharge particle was displaying incorrectly

  • Fixed an issue that was hiding the HP&MP bars from the enemy players when the first round started

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the thrusters to gain energy by holding the left click without having to hit the enemy multiple times

  • Fixed an issue that was causing golden whipclaw to do double damage and in some cases, kill enemies instantly

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the handheld console to create an invisible barrier in front of the player

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the resistant shields to stack

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the unbreakable shields to stack

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the mental blast projectiles being invisible

  • Fixed an issue that was reseting the cooldown of the plasma ray gun if continously used

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the glass lance particle to be invisible

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the plasma cannon particle to be bigger than the first time it was used

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the zero head particle to spawn above the player

  • Fixed an issue that was causing players to start with the Eleet variant

  • Fixed a typo when looking for a match

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the chill touch particles to stack

  • Fixed an issue that was causing taking the player to the login screen after quitting the practice room

  • Fixed an issue that was causing incorrect match behaviors when there was a tie



  • Improved the fog of war

  • Improved the environmental fog from the battle arena

  • Rare, Epic & Legendary attributes have been buffed:

  • Pickaxe damage has been increased

  • Sabers damage has been increased

  • Lightweight leap now does damage

  • Radar navigation damage has been increased

  • Pong thrust damage has been increased

  • Berserk leap now does damage

  • Curveball damage has been increased

  • Sucker punch damage has been increased

  • Spartan laser damage has been increased

  • Slow added to silver mist

  • Mental blast damage has been increased

  • Midas punch damage has been increased

  • Dragon breath damage has been increased

  • Bad reception now does damage

  • Seek shelter now provides powerful

  • Overclock now provides haste

  • Snowball damage has been added at the start of the cast

  • Glass lance damage has been increased

  • Gamepad can now be used continuously while holding the left click or proper input

  • Handheld console damage and energy given have been increased

  • The area of the handheld console skill now disappears immediately as soon as the executing is complete

  • The energy given from the plasma ray gun has been reduced

  • Forward thrust has been revamped: the longer the player charges the skill, the farther it travels and the more damage it does

  • Added damage to snawjaw

  • Positive status effects (i.e. powerful, haste) duration has been increased

  • Descriptions for safe hero and silver mist have been updated

  • Golden whipclaw damage has been reduced

  • Static storm can no longer be canceled if pressing R again during its cast

  • Added proper messages display for the login screen


  • Added ultra wide screen support

  • Added rounds visual indicator to the game hud. A green square will be shown when the round is won, and a red square when its lost

  • Improved the background detail from the main menu and all of the sub menus

  • Improved the text position on the main menu tabs

  • Partial improvement of the energy points of the game hud


  • Fixed an issue that was causing health and energy bars to act incorrectly with the damage done and energy spent

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the health and energy bars to disappear in round 1

  • Fixed an issue with the dummies and the practice room, in which they appeared to be floating

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the handheld console particles to be invisible

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the player score from being displayed correctly

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the inevitability glove to provide energy even if it was not used on an enemy player

  • Fixed an issue in which golden sanctuary was blocking the player own projectiles

  • Fixed an issue with the sucker punch particles

  • Fixed an issue in which the combination of party rock and unbreakable were causing the shield particles to stack and never disappear

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the gamepad particle to spawn

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the variants effects to work properly

  • Fixed an issue that was causing double damage with radar navigation

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing plume to teleport to the proper location

  • Fixed an issue that was causing players to lose energy in the practice room

  • Fixed an issue in which the tooltips from the attributes and skills was not showing the same description



  • The Thrusters no longer slow enemies

  • The attack speed of the Pistols has been increased and its damage reduced

  • The damage of the Inevitability Glove has been increased and the energy given has been reduced

  • The speed of the Gamepad has been reduced

  • The damage and the energy recovered of the Handheld Console has been increased

  • The Plasma Ray Gun movement speed has been increased

  • The Plasma Cannons attack speed has been increased

  • The damage of the Zero Hands and Boxing Gloves has been increased

  • The energy provided from the Baseball Bat has been reduced

  • The damage of Radar Navigation has been increased

  • The Pong Thrust damage and stun duration has been reduced

  • Mental Blast can be used while in movement

  • Increased the damage and stun duration of the Frozen Screen

  • Increased the mute duration of Reboot

  • Increased the duration of the buffs & debuffs of the Face attributes

  • Reduce the anticipation time of Ambush

  • Added Overclock to Unbreakable and increased its duration

  • Increased the area of Golden Sanctuary. Provides positive status effects to the users

  • Increased the thickness and damage of Golden Whipclaw

  • Reduced the stun time of Glass Lance

  • Decreased the damage from Powerful status effect

  • Changed the energy costs from Antenna, Head and Face attributes

  • Added Fog to the playground and battle arena

  • Added a message when connecting to a duel

  • Added general fixes to the Matchmaking System

  • Removed P input to quit game

  • Improved performance across the whole game


  • Changed various elements from the match user interface

  • Collection pages now start from 01 instead of 00

  • Scores now show colors every time a player wins/loses

  • Fixed an issue with the collection tooltips displaying text incorrectly

  • Added text highlights to tabs and sub-tabs

  • Fixed text typos

  • Fixed an issue that showed the incorrect game pad inputs


  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Plasma Ray Gun to not provide energy

  • Fixed an issue in which Thrusters were recovering energy with 1 hit

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Snowball (Artic Camo) was not doing the proper damage per distance traveled

  • Fixed an issue in which Bouncing Thrust was showing a debug laser

  • Removed debug messages when using a game pad

  • Fixed an issue from displaying players energy bars incorrectly

  • Fixed an issue that allowed Pong Thrust to stun the target behind the player

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the VFX of the Spartan Laser to be displayed properly

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the VFX of Ambush to be displayed properly

  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to get more than 1 point per round

  • Fixed an issue that caused various damage from the Zero Head

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from replenishing energy before the next round

  • Fixed Zero Chest not doing damage when too close to target

WEEK 42: 22-10-17


  • UX wireframes for next iteration.

  • References for UI design.

  • Gamepad feedback.

  • Droid feedback.



  • Modified entrance blockade´s flag.

  • Painted new landscape textures.


  • Worked on 22 Emotes.

  • Adjusted skill and status effects icons.

Technical Art:

  • Added finite energy particles.

  • Worked on Snowball particles and montage.

  • Imported new assets to GameplayTest Map.

  • Built light and adjusted ESRT material parameter.

  • Imported all BattleLeet skeletal meshes and inevitability glove version.

  • Created BattleLeet preview mesh collection.

  • Created second landscape material, fixed nomenclature, added parameters to the Master Material and created blend test landscape (map).

  • Added BattleLeet level sequence for render and imported wheel and bottom combined skeletal mesh.

  • Enabled never stream textures option.

  • Added rocket landing montages (intro/outro), worked on particles too.

  • Adjusted BattleLeet arms skeletal meshes due to overlapping issues with weapons.



  • Finished the implementation of the variant behaviors.

  • Fixed issue with leet material in the spectator mode: was causing extreme weird visual issues with the battle leets.

  • Fixed invisibility when entering and exiting the spectator mode.

  • Changed call command when equipping skills with debug menu.

  • Fixed a bug with the death leet body moving through the landscape and environment.

  • Started the first iteration of gamepad inputs working on the main menu.

  • Implemented all of the elemental droids.

  • Added keyboard inputs settings.

  • Added gamepad inputs settings.

  • Fixed a visual bug for energy pickup.

  • Fixed a bug in ambush ability.

  • Fixed a bug of casting montages which didn’t hide hands.

  • Limited stun effect stacks.

  • Fixed a bug which stuck UI SE icons.

  • Added login screen to game flow.

  • Added matchmaking through sockets

  • Credentials in the login screen can now be saved.

  • Finished optional sound cue for Play Montage and Wait for Event node.

  • Added support for variant meshes.

  • Added BattleLeet variant to Data table.

  • Fixed BattleLeet chest issues with meshes.

  • Fixed BattleLeet arms issues with meshes.

  • Changed give mesh implementation for all hands abilities.

WEEK 41: 22-10-10


  • Balance changes in head, antenna and chest.

  • Changed pickups locations.

  • Proposals on how to highlight when the player is out of mana.

  • Leadersboards, achievements and encounters UX.

  • Gamepad control documentation.

  • New variants effects documentation.



  • Worked on new versions for the camo, arctic camo and gold chest.

  • Worked on engine integration for the new arches.

  • Set tubes and pipes in engine.

  • Adjusted scale of plants and rocks in engine.

  • Changed the leather flag of center wall.


  • Worked on 22 emotes.

  • Worked on Heal over time and Energy over time icons.

Technical Art:

  • Changed Dragon Breath particles as requested.

  • Imported Battle Leet skeletal mesh, created and assigned materials.

  • Enabled local space from Healing and Overclock particles.

  • Polished floating curve and montages from Static Storm.

  • Started to work with Whipclaw particles (possible changes).

  • Fixed chest turbines not being emissive.

  • Made energy pickup particles infinite as requested (placeholders).

  • Started Ambush particles rework.

  • Updated chest renders on HDRI map.

  • Changed Character skeletal mesh to lighting channel 0 due to overexposed materials.

  • Reorganized level lighting channels by assets and characters.

  • Added energy recovering particle (placeholder).

  • Started to work with Golden Sanctuary particles and montage.

  • Edited IntelliDome glass material (needs to be tested).

  • Created snow master material, cast montage and replaced it on the game ability.

  • Edited Ambush animations.



  • Rework bad reception ability.

  • Preventing healing over time effect (VFX) stacking.

  • Added cheat to get ability by approximate name.

  • First iteration for implementation of input gamepad.

  • Replicate projectiles and reduce area of effect size of bad reception ability.

  • Iterated the emote system to work more closely to the game design references (LoL).

  • Started the implementation of the variants new behaviors.

  • Changed behaviour of Red Lightning ability.

  • Increased Leet max health.

  • Increased health and time regen of health pickups.

  • Levitation is now simulated in Static Storm.

  • Increased Ki Blast montage play rate.

  • Added energy pickups (as well as its particle).

  • Increased dummy default values

  • Added a small delay of activation for Ambush ability.

  • Divided floating status bar to 10 health blocks again.

  • Blocked rotation for High Roller ability.

  • Updated ambush ability server projection to avoid particle stacking.

  • Changed plasma discharge behavior (missing particle).

  • Fixed immune getting stuck in golden sanctuary ability.

  • Reduced 50% of handheld console and gamepad abilities cooldowns if overclocked.

  • Fixed gamepad projectile.

  • Fixed VFX getting stuck.

  • Implemented air droid.

  • Acquire abilities with level.

  • Added particle system that keeps relative rotation.

  • Added particle parameter to spawn niagara without rotation.

  • Added particle system without rotation to particle system 2.

  • Added droid tab to assemble.

  • Added animation to ultimate UI.

  • Ultimate change border color when charge (without cooldown and enough energy).

  • Change chests costs to be three points in ui.

  • Reimport render images.

  • Turn on and off energy points.

  • Fixed Inevitability Glove variant issues.

  • Fixed Projectiles Spawning on the other side of a wall.

  • Modified given meshes for hands to include arms.

  • Added line decal to Pong Thrust.

  • Fixed Frozen Screen wall behavior.

  • Worked on Play Montage and Wait for Event optional Sound Cue.


  • Architecture with gamelift was done.

  • Migrated API calls to lambda functions using websockets.

  • SNS set up to notify lambda functions when a game sessions is created to return to client when a game sessions is ready for users to play.

  • small migration of database from MongoDB to DynamoDB.

  • General testing for this new architecture and its components listed above.

WEEK 40: 22-10-03


  • Balance changes proposals and implementation (Hand, Antenna, Head, Face, Chest).

  • Adjustments Skills proposals (Pickaxe, High Roller, Red Lighting, Dragon Breath, Spartan Laser, Sucker Punch, Bad Reception).

  • Pick Ups new documentation; added to the map as well.

  • Variants passives documentation and UI proposal.

  • Drones passive abilities (with level ups) and level documentation.



  • Adjusted Center Ground Textures.

  • Imported pipes and cables in Engine.


  • Worked on emotes sketches.

  • Adjusted the chest renders.

  • Adjusted the hand renders.

Technical Art:

  • Updated Diamond chest render on HDRI map.

  • Edited Static Storm/Removed chest vfx and game ability.

  • Edited KiBlast/Robe montage and game ability.

  • Work on Ambush vfx and game ability (wip).

  • Imported cast animations by parts (including release loop) and created respective montages.

  • Polished Baseball bat attack_03 particle spawn point.

  • Created intro and loop montages for splinter barrage ability.

  • Modified splinter barrage projectile particles.

  • Updated fractured chest static mesh for render.

  • Adjusted particle offset from:

    • Frozen Screen

    • Reboot

    • ShutDown

    • PlasmaCannons

    • Plasma RayGun

    • MentalBlast

    • Pistols

  • Extended pistols particle lifetime as requested.

  • Started to work with GoldenWhipclaw/TChain ability.

  • Incremented Splinter Barrage projectile number.

  • Modified Static Storm montage, added levitating leet part.

  • Adjusted GoldenWhipclaw ray size.



  • Implemented spectator mode.

  • First implementation of emotes.

  • Reworked the system to cancel hold and release skills.

  • Changed how battle drone applies damage.

  • Antenna now cancel casting abilities.

  • Fixed mental blast projectiles not being destroyed on canceled.

  • Fixes in battle drone and added mesh.

  • Changes in battle drone.

  • Added debug category selection.

  • Made character's health and energy editable values.

  • Now drone NPC can be equipped and unequipped.

  • Created Login screen widget.

  • Added intangible while casting static storm.

  • Changed ambush ability.

  • Changed spartan laser ability.

  • Finished custom editor module documentation.

  • Finished custom content browser filters documentation.

  • Fixed floating spectator mode and hid leet on active.

  • Fixed BaseProjectile location offset relative to leet.

  • Adjusted offset of several Head and chest abilities.

  • Attempted to fix variant color of arms in Inevitability glove.

  • Fixed bug that spawned impact particles at 0,0,0 when casting projectile directly on wall.

  • UI:

    • Finished custom editor module documentation.

    • Finished custom content browser filters documentation.

    • Fixed floating spectator mode and hid leet on active.

    • Fixed BaseProjectile location offset relative to leet.

    • Adjusted offset of several Head and chest abilities.

    • Attempted to fix variant color of arms in Inevitability glove.

    • Fixed bug that spawned impact particles at 0,0,0 when casting projectile directly on wall.


  • Fixed some steps on Jenkins to create fleets for game servers when a new build is released.

  • Worked on new architecture using lambda instead of web server instance for API.

  • Checking how to integrate our API with battleLeets API.

  • Started working on a new matchmaking system integration gamelift.

WEEK 39: 22-09-26


  • Updated UX files.

  • Main documentation updated in Miro.

  • Started tweaking the values of damage and cooldowns for game balancing purposes.



  • Made center ground textures and tested in engine.

  • Fixed MetalHawk mesh and textures.

  • Fixes to the fractured chest.

  • Created another version for the diamond chest (textures).

  • Created silver version for the halo-met (textures).

  • Fixed gold chest textures.

  • Integration of droids and textures in engine.

  • Fixed baking issues on the arches (textures WIP).


  • Made small changes to the items’ renders.

  • Small updates on the UI hovers and buttons.

  • Reworked the chest and face icons.

Technical Art:

  • Requested Ray vfx.

  • Removed sRGB from masks and created a material instance for blue droid.

  • Reworked Silver claws vfx. Added sounds, delays and systems at locations.

  • Started to work on chest montages (KiBlast/Robe).

  • Fixed Safe Hero’s screen not being emissive.

  • Edited healing particle loop duration.

  • Reimported textures and reworked fractured chest skeletal mesh. Replaced it on the data table.

  • Deleted unused textures.

  • Updated halomet textures (green and silver).

  • Updated MetalHawk skeletal mesh, reimported textures.

  • Updated /gold chest textures, deleted wrong ones.

  • Fixed diamond texture/shader, added skeletal mesh and replaced it on the data table.



  • OnHold skills can now be canceled if pressing ESC before executing them.

  • Fixed a bug where the player was gaining energy even if it wasn’t hitting the enemy.

  • Added auto destruction cheat.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed dead players to rotate their battle leet.

  • Fixed a bug where the battle leet didn’t look forward when executing the radar navigation skill.

  • Fixed a bug where the reboot projectile wasn’t spawning.

  • Added energy points in chest skill.

  • Set all chest skills with an energy cost of 2.

  • Fixed static storm stacking particles.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed the gamepad boomerang projectile to stack.

  • Added is valid to silver claws projectiles.

  • All projectile debug spheres are now hidden in the projectile skills.

  • Removed the delay from gamepad ability.

  • Fixed the snowball damage not being reset and spawning ball in front of character.

  • Fixed seeing red getting stacked.

  • Fixes to forward thrust.

  • Fixed forward thrust particles getting stuck.

  • Fixed boosted thrust and Zero antenna doing double damage.

  • Created battle NPC.

  • Updated status effect from Slow Hands to Chill Touch.

  • Changed intangible effect to duration set by caller and updated abilities using it.

  • Gave the dummy its own set of attributes.

  • Extended intangible effect given by Ambush ability.

  • Implemented HP Pickups.

  • Adjusted animation playrate of Radar Navigation.

  • Added hit particle to Golden Whip Claw.

  • Fixed several visual and gameplay issues on Silver Claws ability.

  • Fixed Ki Blast not hitting twice.

  • Adjusted Line Decal length for several Antennas to match travel distance.

  • Reduced Forward Thrust travel distance relative to decal length.

  • Hid LeetCollisionIndicator on HideHUDMenu command.

  • Added custom content browser filter for gameplay abilities.

  • Started content browser filter documentation.

  • Implemented spectator mode cheat.

  • Hid LeetCollisionIndicator on spectator mode.

  • Extended buffs and debuffs to 10 spaces.

  • Change to a new font menu.

  • Reordered menu tabs.

  • Change the zero head icon.

  • Change selected style of menu buttons.

  • Menu feedback.


  • Implementation of gamelift in order to create game servers and game sessions limiting players to join.

  • Implementation of gamelift on API to create game sessions using backend architecture.

WEEK 38: 22-09-19


  • Updated all skill descriptions to better match their live counterparts.

  • Gameplay testing sessions.



  • Modeled and detailed 13 ground assets for the arena.

  • Fixed UVs of Chest_Fractured assets.

  • Finished SM_Arch mesh and textures fixes.

  • Finished Droids (Blue, Orange, Purple and Green) assets and textures.


  • Adjusted all item renders of Assemble menu.

  • Adjusted background image and item holder for UI.

  • Finished Zero head icon.

  • Adjusted Launcher play, download and delete buttons.

  • Finished 3v3 and 2v2 play mode cards.

Technical Art:

  • Reworked vulnerable animated vfx.

  • Adjusted light color from IntelliDOme

  • Reimported crown skeletal meshes due to issues in smoothing groups. Replaced them on the data table.

  • Created merge references and adjusted center assets.

  • Added extra mesh to IntelliDome, reimported skeletal mesh, polished materials too.

  • Adjusted the main menu’s camera due to cropping issues.

  • Activated show on hit particles from Pistols, Plasma Cannons and Gamepad abilities.

  • Reimported fractured chest due to missing parts, replaced it on the data table.



  • Added damage when glass lance explodes.

  • Adjust spawn laser of golden whip claw.

  • Added variable to create or not respawn menu.

  • Made little change to thrusters to spawn projectiles.

  • If the icon of status effect is still active when end status effect, force hide status effect.

  • Adjust calls of the respawn menu function.

  • Adjust time of status effects of glass lance.

  • Destroy party hard shield particles.

  • Remove fog of war.

  • Added powerfull to zero face.

  • Destroy seek shelter particles and fix duration of haste.

  • Fixed third decal not being displayed and the end point of projectiles for beat drop ability.

  • Fixes on snowball ability.

  • Placed dummies together.

  • Fixed ki blast stun effect.

  • Fixed muted effect getting stacked.

  • Fixed haste effect getting stacked.

  • Fixed thrusters doing double damage and now they no longer cross walls.

  • Reduced boxing gloves and zero hands box.

  • Fixed pickaxe third hit range.

  • Fixed hands abilities having energy gain effect without hitting target.

  • Removed dragon breath collision at spawning.

  • Changed snowball ability.

  • Added effect to silver claws ability.

  • Fixes to snowball ability, now collision is the same size as projectile and increases damage with time.

  • Change play screen to duels.

  • Change icons of renders in assemble.

  • Eliminate white scare of right and left click in hud.

  • Fixed search bar in leets page.

  • Reimport select button asset.

  • increase leet window in UI.

  • Show the equipped part name.

  • Highlight selected button.

  • Change tab hover.

  • Reimport button assets.

  • Eliminated unbreakable text.

  • Changed splinter barrage icon.

  • Removed prints from Main Menu

  • Changed Berserk leap outer and inner decals

  • Hid old abilities, and buff and debuff debug abilities

  • Reordered Debug Menu tabs

  • Added randomization feature for starting abilities

  • Changed default abilities

  • Hid main menu leet collision indicator

  • Added support for hiding mesh types in LeetPartDT

  • Hid Antennas for Intelli-Dome.

  • Changed BeatDrop decals to green and red.

  • Made thrusters apply slow and removed knockback, saved original config in new ability.

  • Changed Head line decals to match Midas Punch.


  • Game maintenance to main game server.

  • Some fixes on launcher’s UI.

WEEK 37: 22-09-12


  • Gameplay testing sessions for tuning chest skills.

  • Status effects discussion for documentation: how particles interact with each other, how do they stack, how does the message should display.



  • Worked on the droids (Bakes and textures).

  • Created vegetation cards for green droid.

  • Polishing maps (WIP).

  • Started working on a platform 3D model for the battle arena.


  • Worked on 2v2 card.

  • Worked on 3v3 card.

  • Finished mouse and clicks icons.

  • Finished beserk leap decal.

  • Provided feedback to the programming team in order to iterate on the in-game UI.

Technical Art:

  • Worked on Frozen Screen vfx. Replaces montage on the game ability.

  • Removed “receives decals” from center junk piles.

  • Updated entrance blockade collisions by importing a new UCX.

  • Worked on various resistant status vfx.

  • Imported turnhit animations by intro/loop/outro and made respective montages.

  • Polished Reboot and Plasma Discharge vfx. Modifies spawn points.

  • Created ArrowElectricity_Hit alternative particle.

  • Adjusted status effects colors (first feedback).

  • Modified face skills activation animations.

  • Reduced Silver Claws particle hit scale.

  • Reworked Silver Claws projectile particle.

  • Changed Resistant status particle to emissive one.



  • Added relative location to parabola projectile.

  • Added relative location to reboot projectile.

  • Added end ability to berserk leap.

  • End stun montage on remove cue.

  • Adjusted particle location for plasma ray gun.

  • Adjusted boosted thrust decal.

  • Moved dummy and fixed its materials.

  • Round to Zero damage counters.

  • Created "Get BLGameInstance" Blueprint Pure function in UBFL Leet Utilities.

  • Fixed Pong Thrust not applying stun effect properly.

  • Snowball ability now drags character and explosion makes damage.

  • Fixed knockback for KiBlast and Thrusters.

  • Added gameplay cues to all status effects.

  • Changed radar navigation montage.

  • Implemented feedback of Splinter Barrage ability.

  • Implemented feedback of Rocket Landing ability.

  • Implemented feedback of Ambush ability.

  • Added VFX debug abilities:

    • All buffs to self

    • All debuffs to self

    • All debuffs to others

  • Implemented a utility to get server IP.

  • Battle result UI.

  • Round result UI.

  • Eliminated unbreakable text.

  • Change face and chest icons.

  • Change hover of assemble button.

  • Selected button highlighted.

  • Increased damage reduction for Resistant status effect.

  • Adjusted collision indicator to improve appearance.

  • Removed status effect on player death.

  • Increased timer cooldown precision.

  • Added Berserk Leap decal.

  • Hid some unused abilities from Debug.

  • Added UI support for ability recasting.

  • Changed High Roller UI to show recasting time.


  • Matchmaking implementation on client side.

  • Added UI improvements and some functionality to the launcher.

  • Moved multiplayer server to other server to make it more efficient.

WEEK 36: 22-09-05


  • Gameplay testing sessions for tuning, in overall, all of the skills.


Tasks worked during this week:


  • Worked on the geo optimization for the droids (blue, green, orange and purple), high poly, Uv’s and bakes.

  • Started work on the textures.

Technical Art:

  • Polished wall collisions.

  • Fixed missing boosted signal skeletal mesh (mesh wasn’t assigned on data table).

  • Fixed Handheld Console and Gamepad run animations. Used 2 hands animations.

  • Created a new animation montage for ZeroHands second hit.

  • Worked on abilities vfx:

    • SilverClaws/MetalHawk.

    • SilverMist/SilverClaws.

    • ShutDown/DeathCross.

    • Reboot/Red Ring of Death.

    • BadReception/SignalBars.

    • FrozenScreen/LoadingScreen.

  • Worked on status effects:

    • Slow.

    • Haste.

    • Powerful.

    • Vulnerable.

    • Intangible.

    • Overclocked.

    • Muted.

    • Mighty.

    • Resistant.



  • Highroller first cooldown now has the same value as the second cooldown.

  • Remove texture changes for status effects.

  • Now the stun effect cancels abilities.

  • Fixed zero hands double damage on second hit.

  • Fixed thrusters range.

  • Plasma ray gun projectiles now hitting at the same time.

  • Created a second dummy for testing purposes (i.e. area of effect skills).

  • Fixed crash due to dummy.

  • Changed dummy health regeneration.

  • Fog of war second iteration.

  • Fixed a bug with the plasma ray gun projectiles not colliding with targets properly.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed the plasma ray gun to collide with invisible walls.

  • Increased the range of glass lance skill.

  • Adjusted the laser particles of the inevitability gloves to match its distance.

  • Added rotation and movement penalty to golden whip claw ability, and increased movement speed while casting the inevitability glove.

  • Reduced life time of projectiles, fixing a bug where ranged weapons (hands) were colliding after the particle disappeared.

  • Added an implementation to interrupt hand skills with all of the other skills.

  • Updated radar navigation animation.

  • Updated Rocket Landing:

    • Position is locked once the player targets an area.

    • Minor visual tweaks.

    • Changed the form in which collision works.

  • Updated Splinter Barrage:

    • Minor visual tweaks.

  • Added casting montages to numerous face abilities.

  • Attempted to fix a bug on Beat Drop projectile.

  • Finished implementing status effects on floating status bar.

  • Tested abilities to make sure they work correctly with floating status bar.

  • Raised leet indicator to elevate over ground meshes.

  • Added the results assets.

  • Change chest and face icons.

  • Created results UI.

WEEK 35: 22-08-31


  • Gameplay testing sessions to tune chest skills.



  • Worked on the Battle Leet model:

    • Game optimization (topology).

    • UV unwrapped.

    • Baked

    • Texturing in WIP.


  • Worked on the first iteration for UI cards, which are to be used inside the main menu UI.

  • Created the duel card (design, render).

Technical Art:

  • Imported new animations and created respective moontages.

  • Adjusted zero hands VFX.

  • Adjusted PlasmaRayGun particle spawn.

  • Adjusted sequences camera angle in order to render the sky/clouds.

  • Enabled min/max exposure parameters for post process volume.

  • Fixed collision issues: changed walls collision preset to block all and enabled generate overlap events.



  • Fixed immunity receiving damage.

  • Remove unbreakable status buff.

  • Reduced boosted thrust distance and added decal.

  • Snowball ability now makes the target disappear.

  • Hand abilities can now be canceled.

  • Added energy gain to handheld console.

  • Fixed zero hands not having collision.

  • Removed mouse hover from the game HUD since this is interfering with the execution of the mouse skills (hands and dashes).

  • Added collision to boundary walls (this fixes bugs like blind navigation, where the collision with the wall wasn’t ending the skill).

  • Added command to hide all hud (“HideHUDMenu true”) and to undo this (“HideHUDMenu false”).

  • Implemented fog of war first iteration: hides other players when there are obstacles blocking the player visibility.

  • Removed the collision of the dead battle leets.

  • Changed the casting of the lightweight leap skill from OnHold to Instant.

WEEK 34: 2022-08-22


  • Gameplay testing for skill tuning.

  • Gameplay testing for bugs and QA.



  • Finished Center Wall textures.

  • Created Center Wall Junk Pile (metal scraps and leets’ pieces).

  • Imported Center Wall Junk Pile and assigned correspondent material instances.

  • Started working on the refurbished Leet.


  • Finished Sign in mockup.

  • Finished Launcher mockup.

Technical Art

  • Imported turnhit attacks:

    • 90 & 90_M

    • 180 & 180_M

    • 360 (one hand and two)

  • Created respective animation montages.

  • Imported center wall asset, textures.

  • Created center wall custom collision.

  • Created center wall material instance and height map for vertex paint.



  • Applied gameplay tag to obtain energy when striking an enemy.

  • Removed gameplay cues when the skills end.

  • Increased the damage area and speed of second hit of the ki blast skill.

  • Implemented the golden whip claw skill.

  • Remove collision of the dead players.

  • Reworked the inevitability glove skill.

  • Implemented glass lance skill.

  • Implemented Ambush skill.

  • Worked on Splinter Barrage skill feedback.

  • Worked on Rocket Landing skill feedback.

  • Added damage reduction to Resistant effect.

  • Fixed debuff blocking in Resistant effect.

  • Removed Generic Gameplay Abilities.

  • Fixed Mental Blast movement penalty bug.

  • Initial implementation of status effects on floating health bar.


  • Parts tooltip for assemble menu.

  • Equipped abilities tooltip in menu.

  • Round results UI.

  • Enable all abilities in debug menu.

WEEK 33: 2022-08-15


  • Latest additions to the chest rework.

  • Indicator for status effects.

  • Gameplay testing for skill tuning.



  • Tubes and panels trim texture - updated.

  • Created the low and high meshes of the Center Wall asset.

  • Center Wall textures in progress.


  • Finished chest icons.

  • Polished status effects icons.

Technical Art

  • Edited shuriken rotation on the game ability.

  • Imported buff, throw, explode, take off and turn hit animations.

  • Created missing animation montages.

  • Changed Oversized Shuriken animation to throw 01.

  • Worked on montages and vfx from:

    • BeatDrop/Headset

    • CurveBall/BaseballCap

    • Oversized Shuriken/Hachimaki

    • MidasPunch/GoldCrown

    • RedLighting/MaulHorns

    • SpartanLaser/HaloMet

  • Reimported tubes and textures.

  • Created antenna color variants:

    • Bent.

    • DiamondTipped.

    • Snapped.

    • BoostedSignal.

  • Created particle for PlasmaRayGun projectile.

  • Reimported cast eyes animation intro.

  • Created sequences for the stadium.



  • Implemented Rocket Landing ability.

  • Fixed a bug which allowed lightweight leap to go outside of the map.

  • Implemented Splinter Barrage ability.

  • Added new animation montages:

    • Death montage.

    • Stun montage.

  • Fixed a bug which printed every damage value.

  • Changed damage multiplier tag.

  • Exchanged all ‘Has Authority’ false nodes for ‘Is Locally Controlled’ true nodes.

  • Linked some missing skill icons.

  • Fixed Reboot Decal and removed damage.

  • Added drag rotation for leets in Assemble, Emoticons and Leets menus.

  • Fixed a bug that was blocking the execution of some skills and multi stacking damage.

  • Adjusted the animation of damage counters, alongside its size and position.

  • Added an extra skeletal mesh to the outline material.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the skeletal mesh from disappearing sometimes.

  • Changed the boomerang skill behavior to throw a projectile instead of a boomerang.

  • Fixed the thrusters from doing damage when the particle was already destroyed.

  • Added more locations in the Game HUD for damage counters.

  • Reduced the effect time from the overclock skill, added tag and removed a bug that cause it to stack.

  • Reduced the animation speed of the second hit of the nunchucks skill.

  • Adjusted the rotation of the pistols skill projectiles.

  • Reduced the range distance to the plasma ray gun projectiles.

  • Added ki blast skill.

  • Reduced the gamepad projectile distance, and adjusted its spawn position.

  • Unchecked receive decals option to the new skeletal meshes.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the thrusters to deal double damage.

  • Created static storm ability.

  • Rework of the energy system: it now provides energy points and blocks. Values still need to be adjusted but some skills will cost blocks and some other will provide with points.


  • Added button tooltip to assemble button.

  • Show equipped pieces.

  • Added tooltip to shown pieces.

  • Assemble menu show your leet.

  • Imported lights to Menu level.

  • Fixed effects tooltip and bar.

  • Added pagination to assemble menu.

  • Swapped handheld and gamepad.

  • Linked some missing skill icons.

  • Implemented Muted Feedback for correct debuff icons and tooltips.


  • Finished creation of matches by region.

WEEK 32: 2022-08-08


  • Playtesting.

  • Reworked Chest skills.

  • Feedback on damage counters positioning and text for status effects.



  • Finished wall asset (textures).

  • Finished Entrance Blockade asset.

  • Finished Tubes high-poly - fixing normals.


  • Finished Face skills icons.

  • Worked on Chest skills icons.

Technical Art

  • Created Head Animation Montages.

  • Worked on MentalBlast/IntelliDome’s vfx and replaced it on the GA.

  • Added charge montage to MentalBlast/IntelliDome’s GA.

  • Worked on DragonBreath/ObsidianCrown’s vfx and replaced it on the GA.

  • Added charge montage to DragonBreath/ObsidianCrown’s GA.

  • Worked on SuckerPunch/Headguard’s vfx and replaced it on the GA.

  • Worked on ZeroHead’s vfx and replaced it on the GA.

  • Imported stunned, block and charge animations, created respective montages.

  • Fixed katanas first attack (vfx).

  • Created Variants sequences for render.

  • Imported hands skeletal meshes (left and right).

  • Added pose to variant render sequences.

  • Set particles to one loop duration (not infinite).

  • Added antenna NA sequence for render.

  • Deleted unused textures, folders and material instances.

  • Imported entrance blockade, created material instance and heightmap for vertex paint.

  • Worked on OversizedShuriken/Hachimaki’s montage/ability, added vfx.



  • Created an outline for the player and the enemy, with different colors.

  • Second iteration of the animations of nunchucks ability.

  • Changes to the thrusters: decal now follows the player and is properly doing damage in the selected area.

  • Changed the thruster damage.

  • Plasma ray gun now shoots 3 projectiles instead of lines.

  • Plasma ray gun is kept active if the player holds the input.

  • Adjusted decal, speed and damage area of the handheld console skill.

  • Reworked the gamepad skill to use a gamepad like a projectile.

  • Adjusted animations and damage the the gamepad skill.

  • Created the parameter to set the attack speed to all hands abilities.

  • Created the overclock skill: increases the speed of the hands skills.

  • Added piercing to harvest laser.

  • Implemented bad reception ability.

  • Implemented niagara option for projectile explosion.

  • Implemented frozen screen ability, modified tags for bad reception.

  • Implemented shutdown ability, added cast tag to frozen screen.

  • Added particle option on base projectile and relative location.

  • Added editable rotation and scale to OnHit particle.

  • Implemented resistant effect for party rock ability.

  • Implemented chosen one (All hands abilities apply slow effect).

  • Implemented feedback for Snapjaw ability.

  • Implemented feedback for Splinter Storm ability.

  • Reworked lightning leap ability.

  • Implemented Bouncing Thrust feedback.

  • Fixed a bug in which both hands were not shown.

  • Modified duration of seeing red ability.

  • Adjusted animation play rate of bouncing thrust.

  • Replaced animation montages for antenna abilities.

  • Fixed a bug where simultaneous sphere collision did not apply ability stage effects.

  • Changed the form in which the Haste effect is set.

  • Implemented Reboot Ability.

  • Created Muted Gameplay Effect and Cue.

  • Implemented Like the Simulations Ability.


  • Added Emotes menu and More menu.

  • Fixed a bug with Handheld console and gamepad icons being used as the opposite.

  • Fixed a bug where antenna’s icons where being displayed incorrectly.

  • Added faces icons.

  • Implemented Leet feature: player is able to select parts and customize its Leet.

  • Filled the LeetDataPart table for Leet feature.


  • Added elo for new players and reduce or increase depending on win or lose a match.

  • Added search for leaderboard based on current elo to show top players.

  • Documentation for elo and leaderboard.

WEEK 31: 2022-08-01


  • Feedback compilation for gameplay.

  • UX for new modes.

  • Started polish for chest skills.

  • Started work on completing the account progression system.



  • Re-textured Entrance02 adding emissive lights and extra panels.

  • Created Wall Pillar asset w/textures.

  • Created Wall asset w/textures.

  • Started working on Entrance Blockade (Low-poly to High-Poly).


  • Finished Icons for Head skills.

  • Worked on icons for Face skills.

  • Provided feedback for the UI to the programming team.

Technical Art

  • Imported new assets/textures and created respective material instances.

  • Added rock piles (environment).

  • Imported VRHeadset and Shades skeletal meshes.

  • Created assets height maps and changed master material to vertex paint.

  • Painted assets (arches, chairs, stands, walls, panels and tubes) with vertex paint.

  • Imported mixamo skeleton for cheering animations.

  • Created different LODs for cheering leets.

  • Imported/Reimported leet animations.

  • Created missing animation montages.



  • Solved feedback from head abilities.

  • Implemented red lighting ability.

  • Implemented silver claws ability.

  • Changed taxman particles to be the same color, circular explosion.

  • Removed showcase filter for see all abilities in debug menu.

  • Added sphere particle to static discharge, increased energy cost, bigger particle and visual that ability is active.

  • Fixed projectile not landing on target when getting out of range.

  • Polished harvest laser.

  • Changes in harvest laser: faster lightning beam, less curved.

  • Changed blind navigation commit form.

  • Added a notify to High Jump animation:

    • Placed it in berserk leap ability.

  • Implemented feedback for Snapjaw ability.

  • Implemented feedback for Zealous Lightning ability (previously Zealous Leap).

  • Implemented feedback for Bouncing Thrust ability.

  • Tweaked Radar Navigation ability and placed placeholder animations.

  • Implemented feedback for Splinter Storm ability.

  • Reworked forward thrust ability.

  • Added the new animation for handheld console.

  • Added a blend space to all of the idle hands animations.

  • Added the animations and the weapon mesh to pickaxe ability.

  • Added the animations and the weapon mesh to sabers ability.

  • Added the animations and the weapon mesh to plasma cannons ability.

  • Added the cone decal to thrusters ability.

  • Added the animations and the weapon mesh to nunchucks ability.

  • Adjust a weapon blend space with run animations.

  • Added an outline to the Battle Lleet to distinguish it when its behind an object.


  • Documentation for lobby.

  • Finishing lobby functionality.

  • Working on start multiplayer by regions.

  • General fixes on some bugs found with features related with regions.

WEEK 30: 2022-07-29


  • Playtesting for game balance.

  • Reworked skills:

    • 360 no scope.

    • Zero face.

    • Zero head.

    • Zero chest.

    • Zero antenna.

    • Diamonds are forever.

  • Requested changes on the colors of the particles of the showcase skills to differentiate them better.

  • Documented an alternative to face skills, consisting on buffs & debuffs for the player (unique identity).



  • Finished Stand Divisions.

  • Finished Entrance 1 textures.

  • Reworked stands textures to fix normal map issues.

  • Entrance 2 textures –WIP.

  • Finished Enviroment Ramp.


  • Finished icons for Antennas’ skills.

  • Worked on icons for Head skills

  • Worked on mockup of small pop up window.

  • Small changes on mockups of Defeat, Victory, Round Lost and Round Won screens.

Technical Art

  • Imported animations:

    • Cast

    • Dash

  • Removed projectiles from Animation Montages.

  • Fractionated animations by number of hits.

  • Created Montages:

    • Jump

    • Dash

    • Casts

  • Created vfx projectiles (stills).

  • Created color variants of vfxs.

  • Removed roof from entrances due to decals/visibility issue.

  • Imported sound effects and created respective cues.

  • Added sfx to katanas, pistols and boxing gloves abilities.

  • Reimported dash and locomotion animations.

  • Changed character material instances to Leet (yellow).

  • Imported environment assets.

  • Created material instances for environment assets.

  • Reimported static meshes and textures.

  • Added chairs and tubes to the scene.



  • Made an adjustment to the particle timing of the baseball bat.

  • Added a casting montage to zero face.

  • Changed the color of the casting particle and increased effect area of the zero face.

  • Increased the angle of the damage cones of the diamonds are forever skill, and changed its animation.

  • Changed the color of the diamonds are forever particles.

  • Created Zero head ability.

  • Changed the color of the zero head projectile.

  • Changed the cooldowns and damage for skills.

  • Fixed boxing gloves and zero hands skills.

  • Added description to the tooltip for current skills.

  • Polished skills: Zero hands, zero face, and zero chest.

  • Fixed 360 no scope projectiles and cooldown time.

  • Filter abilities in the debug menu.

  • Implemented Debug mode.

  • Implemented debug mode on the utility library instead of game mode.

  • Polished 360 scope ability.

  • Allowed double casting on 360 scope and fixed ability not ending.

  • Polished and added falling particles to satellite crash.

  • Implemented zero chest as 360 scope.

  • Added debug to control volume.

  • Added debug condition to visibility line between instigator and target.

  • Changed decals for satellite crash.

  • Removed missile mesh from dragon breath.

  • Reimported several decals, fixed leet decal size and gameplay cues now have the option to be seen differently for players and enemies.

  • Adjusted decals on several abilities, both in size and visibility parameters (such as color or if the decal is visible).

    • Abilities with circular decals have an updated decal.

    • Whilst targeting the decal is white in color.

    • After a target is selected the player sees the decal green whereas the enemies see the decal red.

  • Reworked ZeroAntenna (previously ZeroDash).

  • Implemented feedback on BlindNavigation ability, Updated the form in which skill names are listed.

  • Updated HUD icons, a material is now used to display them and there is now icon consistency.

  • Added a conditional check for debugging damage boxes.

  • Added a boolean to check if the leet model should equip hand meshes for certain abilities.

  • Updated cheat menu visibility and size.


  • Feature to send friend request and accept or reject.

  • Feature to delete friends.

  • Documentation for add/delete friends.

  • Started working on lobby functionality.

  • Started working on regions to create a match.

WEEK 29: 2022-07-18


  • UX Last round of chances.

  • Follow up on implementaron.

  • ELO equation tweak.

  • Playtesting to pick up skills for august showcase.



  • Finished Tubes and Panels trim texture and models.

  • Worked on Enviroment_Chair Finished modular stands and textures.

  • Started working on stands divisions and textures.


  • Changed UI skills.

  • Finished hand skills icons.

  • Worked on antenna skills icons.

Technical Art

  • Reimported Leet animations (orientation axis issue).

  • Reimported Glass & Removed chest, pistols Skeletal mesh.

  • Created Hands animation montages (attacks).

  • Added VFX to AnimMontages, edited/created niagara systems.



  • Fixed player not canceling abilities on dead.

  • Fixed sucker punch getting stuck.

  • Fixed simulate weakness projectiles being out of phase and increased projectile size by 33%.

  • Implemented Midas Punch ability.

  • Created function to calculate launch velocity for parabola projectiles.

  • Fixed plasma discharge not doing damage.

  • Fixed dragon breath doing double damage.

  • Fixed mental blast particles not being destroyed on canceled.

  • Fixed simulate weakness projectiles not hitting too close to target.

  • Stop character movement on midas punch cast, fixed particle dying before hitting target.

  • Stun effect cancel abilities.

  • Implemented min range to target data actor (parabola).

  • Implemented beat drop ability.

  • Implemented Curve Ball ability.

  • Fixed projectile rotation on spawning.

  • Implemented silver mist ability and fixed position while casting projectile.

  • Updated the attack and particle of the plasma ray gun.

  • Hands skills now enter a loop if left click is hold pressed.


  • API documentation finished (just for local not online).

  • Unified multiplayer server and API in order to save resources.

  • General refactor to make the API easier to maintain.

  • Started working with functionality to add friend.

WEEK 28: 2022-07-11


  • Changes to the user interface and features.

  • Playtesting skills.



  • Finished High polys for tubes and panels

  • Finished three versions of arches:

    • Non-damaged arch.

    • Low-damage arch.

    • High-damage arch.

    • In the process of reworking these textures.


  • Worked on hand skills icons.

  • Changed the chat and friend list.

  • Changed the “LEETS” screen.

  • Worked on new profile window.

  • Small changes on “PLAY” screen.

  • Reworking the skill place holders.

Technical Art

  • Removed “Receives decals” parameter from arena’s static meshes.

  • Worked on VFX listing document.

  • Tested VFX implementation to Boxing Gloves’ animation montage.

  • Deleted particle cues from Boxing Gloves’ Game ability.

  • Duplicated Warrior spin vfx & changed it on Radar Navigation Game ability.

  • Added missing vfx thumbnails.

  • Modified landscape exterior (blend material).

  • Imported new Leet rig and Skeletal meshes.

  • Added metallic parameter to master material.

  • Created/modified Eleet, Automaton & Sentient chest material.

  • Imported Leet hands animations.

  • Imported antennas skeletal meshes.

  • Imported heads skeletal meshes.

  • Imported chests skeletal meshes.

  • Assigned material instances in SK material slots.

  • Worked on new animation montages.



  • Plasma ray gun implementation with three projectiles for laser beam and wall detections.

  • Added input buffering for baseball bat skill to test three way combos.

  • Adjusted the damage and animation of inevitability gloves.

  • Handheld console adjustments: reduction of the decal’s and projectile’s size, projectile’s speed, added casting animation.

  • Changes to the box range, damage and functionality of the baseball bat third hit.

  • Fixed a bug to match the particles effects of the last hit of the baseball bat with the execution of the skill.

  • Updated the laser beam width for the plasma ray gun and inevitability gloves skills.

  • Added a projectile to sucker punch.

  • Implemented mental blast feedback: Reduce decal width, increased projectile size, impact explosion, faster projectile, destroy particles on canceled, fixed projectile position.

  • Implemented dragon breath feedback: destroy missile on canceled, increased projectile’s speed and size, added channeling with cast animation. Implemented Spartan Laser feedback: added cast animation, increased projectile speed, and added casting time.

  • Added casting to dragon breath.

  • Fixed the projectile rotation, used calculation angle utility for plasma discharge.

  • Implemented Oversized Shuriken feedback: reduce projectile range, fixed projectile position, end ability after shooting, return on hit wall, reduce projectile velocity, reduce damage after hits.

  • End plasma discharge ability after shooting projectile, fixed decal size not the same as damage area.

  • Fixed oversized shuriken jittering.

  • Fixes to Dragon Breath: throw projectile on end casting, fixed jitter, adjusted projectile size and added debug for explosion area.

  • Fixes Spartan Laser: Particle duplicating, faster projectile and throw projectile on end casting. Fixed abilities not being canceled on death.

  • Fixed projectiles being destroyed with other projectiles.

  • Fixed projectiles not hitting too close to the player, adjusted casting animation for dragon breath.

  • Fixed utility to calculate launch angle of a parabola projectile.

  • Implemented an example in Deep Thinking ability.


  • Fixed matchmaking functionality to create a multiplayer server once both players have joined.

  • Launcher with auto-updater working and 3 main screens added ready to add assets (logo, images, buttons).

  • Technical documentation of how the auto-updater’s launcher was implemented.

  • Documentation for API with parameters needed for each call and responses.

  • General testing for API while making documentation.

WEEK 27: 2022-07-04


  • UX for social functionalities, like friend list and chat.

  • Worked together with UI artists to place Account Stats, Extra playmodes, and show account progression.


  • Finished Stands Trims.

  • Finished Chest_Gold.

  • Finished Entrance 1 changes.

  • Finished low-poly, UV’s and textures for the non-destroyed tileable arch.

  • Worked on Assemble screen changes.

  • Worked on Leets screen changes.

  • Worked on Emotes screen changes.

  • Worked on Settings screen changes.

  • Added a Social and Profile screens.

  • Worked on Hand skill icons.

  • Added gold chest & baseball cap items.

  • Created level sequences for items.

  • Created material instances.

  • Tests to match the animation states and the VFX.

  • Nunchuks animations WIP.



  • Improved netcode of dash abilities.

  • High Roller: Changed high roller to instead be a double dash.

  • High Roller: High Roller now changes.

  • Boosted Thrust: Improved response.

  • Lightweight Leap: Improved teleport and added particles.

  • Berserk Leap: Fixed stun time and changed particles.

  • Radar Navigation: Changed implementation to be a charge forward.

  • Reworked handheld console ability, projectile fall the sky.

  • Update sprite size of laser beam of inevitability gloves.

  • Apply damage to enemies with inevitability gloves.

  • Increased speed of cast of plasma ray gun.

  • Match parabolic projectile with decal position.

  • Used 3 projectiles for laser beam, and wall detections.

  • Spawned muzzle particle to spartan laser.

  • Added ring pulse decal to plasma discharge ability.

  • Implemented Mental Blast ability.

  • Implemented Oversized Shuriken ability.

  • Add movement penalty on oversized shuriken after throwing projectile.

  • Implemented Sucker Punch ability.

  • Added end ability on canceled to head abilities.

  • Fixed projectile replication for head abilities.

  • Implemented Dragon Breath ability.

  • Adjusted Splinter Storm montage rate.

  • Testing a Leet Utility to calculate the launch angle of a projectile.


  • Started working on the launcher to login users, open client(game) and auto-update both when a newer version is release.

  • Finished the actor which listens to server calls.

  • Implemented the endpoint/call to equip items from the server.

WEEK 26: 2022-06-27


  • Finished all of the references for the HEAD skills.

  • Playtesting sessions for new batch of polish.

  • Final tweaks to all of the movement skills (ANTENNAS) to complete their development.

  • Feedback for the latest hands skills.



  • Worked on Enviroment_Stands Trim texture and assets.

  • Worked on the high poly model of the modular arches.

Tech Art

  • Created Automaton & Sentient chest material instances.

  • Adjusted chest roughness of the master material by adding a parameter.

  • Reorganized materials/textures engine folders.

  • Created a new level for testing purposes.

  • Imported diverse HDRIs.

  • Adjusted HDRI lighting.

  • Imported chest & face assets.

  • Created chest & face material instances as well as respective sequences for renders.

  • Created glass master material & adjusted level sequence.


  • Started working on the hands icons.

  • Second iteration (modular) of menu to fit new documented systems.


  • Plasma Ray Gun attack.

  • Pickaxe idles.

  • Pickaxe attack.



  • Made an adjustment to the damage and projectile of the taxman ability.

  • Reworked the plasma ray gun ability.

  • Fixed the stun and particle effect of the landing of berserk leap ability.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed the players to move in the middle of jump of the berserk leap ability.

  • Reworked the baseball bat 3-combo.

  • Added the half-circle attacks and the third box attack.

  • Reworked the gamepad 3-combo.

  • Polished Simulate Weakness: freeze leet while casting, projectile origin center of leet, reduced space between projectiles.

  • Polished Boosted Thrust: Added thunder particle, removed self-power, applied damage to an overlapped character, reduced dash velocity, and increased dash distance.

  • Implemented Head ability, Spartan Laser.

  • Implemented Plasma Discharge ability.

  • Reworked Splinter Storm ability.

UI implementation

  • Added the next Game HUD elements created by the UI Artist:

    • Art font.

    • Health bar.

    • Energy bar.

    • Skill icons display (including the cooldown number).

Backend (UE)

  • Created an actor to listen to all API calls. Calls such as:

    • Login process.

    • Add/Remove items from the user.

    • Request joining a match.

    • Update inventory.

    • Checked/added endpoint to add items to user’s inventory in-game.

  • Inventory is updated both server-side and in-game when adding a new item.

  • Users can now check their inventory in-game.


  • Started working on a discord bot that will help us to start, stop and give a status about the multiplayer server and API server in order to test and restart both when is necessary.

  • Fixes and refactor for some endpoints like:

    • Inventory.

    • Equip items.

    • Close match.

WEEK 25: 2022-06-20


  • Created an addendum to the skill costs and energy rework.

  • UX design meetings due to the changes in skill costs (UI changes to the game HUD).

  • Created a section for health and energy pickups (they will be eventually placed inside the level).

  • Started documenting head skills (projectile skills).


  • Created concepts for chairs, stands, archs, stands divisions, inner walls and tiles.

  • Finished Chest Fractured.

  • Finished Matrix Screen texture.

  • Finished Electron Line texture.

  • Finished Camo Texture.

  • Finished Artic Cammo Texture.

  • Finished the Diamond Chest texture.

  • Finished the Cracked Screen textures (Matrix).

  • Started working on the tileable arches (arena).

  • Status effect: Power icon finished.

  • Status effect: Haze icon finished.

  • Status effect: Intangible icon finished.

  • Status effect: Invisible icon finished.

  • Status effect: Knockback icon finished.

  • Status effect: Slow icon finished.

  • Status effect: Stun icon finished.

  • Status effect: Vulnerable icon finished.

  • Status effect: Refreshed icon finished.

  • Status effect: Resistant icon finished.

  • Worked on changes on the Hud, skill cost and energy bar.

  • Adjusted greyboxing for references.

  • Deleted unused items.

  • Modified walls location (gameplay test map).

  • Created Matrix master material.

  • Added faced materials, organized them in folders.

  • Created different lightning master materials for IntelliDome.

  • Adjusted IntelliDome’s final version, deleted unused materials.

  • Adjusted Matrix cracked textures with alpha.

  • Material configuration for Leet color change.


  • Updated user’s inventory endpoints.

  • Close match and set winner endpoint done.

  • Equip items functionality added.

  • Augmented ping thrust knockback velocity.

  • Fixed party rock particle not visible on player.

  • Fixed set name not showing on character.

  • Allowed rotation and augmented time on Glitch Out ability.

  • Fix cool pistols ability not ending.

  • Added delay for party rock decal.

  • Fixed berserk leap particle spawning before the player hits the ground.

  • Added landing decal to Berserk Leap.

  • Faster cool pistols shoot, slowed character while casting ability.

  • Changed diamonds are forever particle.

  • Stop knockback task on hit wall. Fixed pong thrust jitter on hit character.

  • Fixed damage cue flash, and made adjustments to alternate states to change the Battle Leet color.

  • Changed the knockback effect to restrict it going through walls.

  • Added a check in gameplay cue count (in case it is equal to 0 it will to remove it).

  • Players are now able to see their own damage counters.

  • Second iteration of the plasma ray gun ability.

  • Changed post die time handle to character, to allow the respawn button to restore stats.

  • Cool Pistols:

    • Decreased movement speed by half when casting the ability.

    • Reduced projectile life-span by half.

    • Reinstanciated combo for the ability (two projectiles).

  • Boxing Gloves:

    • Added VFX to each hit.

    • Adjusted the timing to better feel the 3 hit combo.

  • Doubled melee hitbox size.

  • Added a Cheat Menu with checkboxes.

  • Added an infinite health cheat.

  • Fixed a bug where NoClip cheat could only be activated once.

  • Unreal Engine API implementation:

    • A player ID must be sent to the server when a player either logs in or registers to the platform.

    • When Matchmaking starts, the user is now notified about their match status (waiting, joining, has a match open).

    • Both players connect to the same IP when a match.

    • Added a login screen that retrieves user data and then forwards the player to the matchmaking screen.

WEEK 24: 2022-06-13


  • Focusing work on the polish to nail 8 skills.

  • Started documentation on drops, a new energy system for more dynamic combat.


  • Worked on Chest Fractured.

  • Finished "Face_Shades".

  • Finished "Face_Death-Cross".

  • Finished "Face_Glowering".

  • Finished "Face_Loading Screen".

  • Finished "Face_Red Ring of Death".

  • Finished "Face_Signal Bars".

  • Finished "Face_Safe Hero".

  • Worked on the Diamond Chest Texture.

  • Finished the asset Game Thrash T.

  • Started working on the Matrix texture crashed screen.

  • Finished Skill decals.

  • Worked on UI buffs/debuffs.

  • Worked on Victory, defeat and Next rounds UI screens.

  • Worked on status effects icons.

  • Created a new level for rendes, added lighting and first camera.

  • Added render requences for items.

  • Changed alpha channel support to "Allow through tonemapper".

  • Added experimental map for greyboxing.

  • Fixed arena’s blended center.

  • Added static meshes to experimental level.

  • Replaced textures of saber and thruster.

  • Adjusted greyboxing for references.


  • General fixes to knockback.

  • Fixed Party Rock Visual effects not showing to other players.

  • Fixed an issue that was causing duplicated particle effects on certain skills.

  • Added knockback to chest and head abilities.

  • Katanas with VFX as semicircles.

  • Implemented camera zoom.

  • Incremented radius, added particles and hit montage to robe robin.

  • Implemented Utility Function: Get BLCharacter.

  • Implemented Utility Function: Get BLCharacterMovement.

  • Implemented add particle cue on gameplay ability.

  • Implemented rotation on particle systems, changed particle rotation as rotator input.

  • Implemented Utility Function: Create Decal Cue.

  • Implemented one hit per click on Katanas ability and half-circle collision.

  • Removed damage through walls.

  • Added validated get to ground decal.

  • Changed particle and decal gameplay cue to add particles and add decal functions.

  • End abilities on canceled or interrupted.

  • Triplicated scroll velocity.

  • Added knockback to antenna abilities.

  • Addes custom respawn when die in test.

  • Increased cast speed, remove decal and change particles to diamonds are forever particles.

  • Set gameplay cue folder n settings.

  • Added second decal to berserk leap ability,

  • Added flash effect to damage cue.

  • Respawn only restores your own stats.

  • Added fade out to particles of diamond are forever.

  • Fixed collision with walls, destroy max range decal and jump have the same velocity for * different distances in berserk leap ability.

  • Added NoCooldowns, InfiniteEnergy, SlowMotion and NoClip cheats.

  • Added and removed Knockback from hand skills.

  • Cool Pistols:

    • Adjusted projectile spawn point.

    • Decreased fire rate.

  • Katanas:

    • Increased range.

    • Fixed an issue where the target was hit when out of ability range.

  • Adjusted combo feeling to feel more natural.

  • Fixed a problem where the particle cue kept stacking.

WEEK 23: 2022-06-06


  • Playtesting for bugs and unintended behaviours.

  • Focusing work on the polish to nail 8 skills.

  • Documented status effects.


  • Worked on Chest_Fractured.

  • Re-worked Halo-met to fit all antennas.

  • Finished Headguard.

  • Started the Game Thrash T asset.

  • Worked on Hover for skills and items information.

  • Worked on Ingame HUD.

  • Added gradients and glow to finished UI screens.

  • Added a sub level for Landscape modifications.

  • Created Master Material and Material Instances for Landscape and Vertex Painting (enviro).

  • Added tiling & UV custom rotation nodes for texture modifications.

  • Loaded antennas static meshes, textures and created material instances (character).

  • Loaded hands static meshes, textures and created material instances (character).

  • Loaded head static meshes, textures and created material instances (character).

  • Boxing gloves idle animation.

  • Boxing gloves attack animation.

  • Baseball idle animation.

  • Baseball attack animation.

  • Katana idle animation.


  • Changed taxman decal to gameplay cue.

  • Fixed boosted thrust dash, now it dash towards mouse location instead of players forward direction.

  • Increased the damage hit box of booster thrust by 100%.

  • Fixed gameplay cue of damage not working.

  • Fixed boosted thrust dash replication.

  • Removed stop from cool pistols.

  • Fixed blind navigation not working close to player.

  • Fixed efficient circuits ability not ending, added montage.

  • Modified dash abilities to avoid jittering.

  • Added collision to walls.

  • Fixed the teleport of neo landing to make sure it is properly executing.

  • Fixed snapjaw jump and the placement of the area decal.

  • The decal of the high roller ability was made dynamic in order to accurately represent bouncing from the walls.

  • Fixed a bug were the decals of the skills remained even after casting it.

  • Fixed berserk leap skill.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed particles to remain after the skill ended.

  • Made an adjustment to the shared splinter decal in order to properly represent the skill.

  • Added an animation montage and particles effects to harvest laser.

  • Player’s name is now visible above the Leet health bar.

  • Fixed a bug where a player’s death was canceling other players skills & casts.

  • Fixed a bug where dying and then respawning would make the mouse cursor disappear.

  • Fixed a bug where party rock consumed more energy on the first use.

  • Changed the way movement works in skills to make it more responsive.

  • Changed knockbacks to feel more responsive.

  • Some minor fixes for the pipeline that creates and deploys the web server.

WEEK 22: 2022-05-30


  • Meetings with the programming team to provide feedback about each of the skills.

  • Playtesting for bugs and unintended behaviours.

  • Focusing work on the polish to nail 8 skills.


  • Head_VrHeadset - Finished.

  • Chest_Cracked - Started.

  • Worked on tile and trim textures for Stands.

  • Marmoset integral scene for assets display.

  • Halo-met asset finished.

  • Assemble screen finished.

  • Emotes screen finished.

  • Leets screen finished.

  • Play screen finished.

  • Settings template.

  • Level dressing tests.


  • Switch to Unreal Engine 5.

  • Leets debug menu crash fix.

  • Server moved to a new one with more space.

  • Pipeline Fix due to the new server.

  • Fixed stacks on slow gameplay effect.

  • Fixed movement penalty on efficient circuits ability.

  • Added knockback to handheld console.

  • Fixed arctic aura particle not replicating.

  • Changed input on diamonds are forever ability.

  • Removed movement penalty on pickaxe ability.

  • Incremented knockback distance in knockback effect.

  • Removed stop gameplay effect from projectiles, added energy gain.

  • Increased taxman projectile range and added decal for explosion.

  • Adjusted zealous leap landing location.

  • Added lifetime to efficient circuits wall.

  • Added replicated decal for bouncing thrust and taxman.

  • Fixed chameleon not committing ability.

  • Removed penalty movement to zero hands ability.

  • Added decal to shared splinter.

  • Implemented Robe Robin decal as gameplay cue.

  • Spawn plasma cannons particle at hand instead of root.

  • Added dead tag to avoid knockback on dead characters.

  • Increased handheld console projectile.

  • Removed collision response. Changed bouncing thrust decal to gameplay cue.

  • Fixed neo landing damage area.

  • Arctic aura only made apply effect to enemies inside of area.

  • Reduced effect slow of arctic aura.

  • Reduced slow effect of arctic aura.

  • Made adjustment to box collision of diamonds and forever ability.

  • Added VFX to diamonds and forever ability.

  • Set decal of 360 no scope ability to max range.

  • Particle change of 360 no scope projectile.

  • Added an announcement when a player does not have enough energy for an ability.

  • Placed leets in level once again.

  • Placed HP/EP pickups in level.

  • Added a cast montage to Splitter Storm ability.

  • Removed energy cost from remaining hand skills.

  • Added damage to thruster ability.

  • Changed knockback applied to ZeroFace ability.

  • Fixed a bug where static discharge would disappear the cursor after ability.

  • Implemented a method to deactivate collisions when using root motion.

  • Spawning particles and decals in abilities is now done through cues.

  • Fixed HighRoller not properly applying ability cost.

WEEK 21: 2022-05-23


  • Meetings with the programming team to provide feedback about each of the skills.

  • Playtesting for bugs and unintended behaviours.

  • Adding more information to the Skill Listing document.

  • One more layer of feedback added (colors to the skill listing in order to ensure what is complete).


  • Finished Chest_TChain.

  • Finished Antenna_Plume.

  • Finished Chest_Removed.

  • Finished Baseball_cap asset.

  • Finished Hachimaki asset.

  • Reworked Pistols, Sabers and Inevitability_Glove (added extra geo and loops for animation purposes).

  • Halo-met asset in progress (high poly).

  • Three color pallets concepts.

  • Four element/background concepts.

  • Three button concepts.

  • Finished the rig of the katanas, sabers, pistols, inevitability glove, boxing glove, baseball kit.

  • Started replacing some of the assets of the greybox battle arena.


  • Free for all testing map implemented.

  • Applied stage effect to all abilities.

  • Fixed having multiple status effects that involve materials make the character stay stuck with one of those materials.

  • Added value tag to vulnerability time.

  • Set deep thinking as hold release.

  • Implemented correctly assured self destruction ability.

  • Fixed hands abilities not gaining energy.

  • Correct input in abilities, implemented piercing on simulate weakness.

  • Added constant damage to efficient circuits, fixed wall not getting destroyed.

  • Added knockback to robe robin ability.

  • Ignore collisions on forward thrust.

  • Removed spline point in 0,0,0.

  • Fixed deep thinking projectile getting stuck.

  • Added delay to pistols.

  • Added particle and montage to shared splinter ability.

  • Added Application Tag Requirements for exact damage.

  • Refactor for the whole project in order to make easy maintenance.

  • Sockets for matchmaking and creation of web server once two players match.

  • ZeroFace knockback now always pushes the opponent, will not pull them.

  • Fixed plasma ray gun not making damage.

  • Fixed a VFX bug of ZeroFace ability.

  • Thrusters ability VFX size increased and target selection shape changed to cone.

  • Harvest laser ability now pierces through all opponents.

  • Radar navigation ability travels more distance and does it faster.

  • Fixed a bug that made the game crash when using Harvest Laser.

  • Reworked snapjaw ability.

  • Update handheld console ability, speed of projectile was increased and its range was decreased.

  • Reworked lightweight leap ability.

  • Was reduced increased speed and reduce duration time of seek shelter ability.

  • Added visual feedback to 360 no scope ability.

  • Reworked seeing red ability.

  • Reworked diamonds are forever ability.

  • Was made chameleon material more translucent.

  • Increased bounce in walls with high roller ability.

  • Was made adjustment in spawn of area damage, and increased cooldown of snapjaw ability.

  • Reduce speed of pickaxe ability.

  • Made adjustment of cooldown to shared splinter ability.

  • Reworked berserk leap ability.

WEEK 20: 2022-05-16


  • Meetings with the programming team to provide feedback about each of the skills.

  • Playtesting for bugs and unintended behaviours.

  • Adding more information to the Skill Listing document.


  • Finished: SM_Antenna_WarHorn.

  • Finished: SM_Chest_MetalHawk.

  • Started working on SM_Chest_TChain.

  • Finished Plasma_Detectors.

  • Finished Maul_Horns.

  • Finished Baseball_Bat, glove, ball models & textures.

  • Finished Headset.

  • Finished Intelli-dome.

  • Updated Inevitability_Glove textures.

  • Started: SM_Plume.

  • Finished the Battle Leet rig.

  • Started working on weapons rigs.

  • Started moodboards for the UI.

  • Finished four design and four color concepts.


  • Simulate weakness second iteration, three projectiles.

  • Plasma cannons second iteration, double shot.

  • Taxman second iteration.

  • Neo landing second iteration.

  • High roller second iteration.

  • Handheld console second iteration.

  • Lightweight leap second iteration.

  • Seek shelter second iteration.

  • 360 no scope second iteration.

  • Sabers second iteration.

  • Bouncing thrust second iteration.

  • Satellite crash second iteration.

  • Artic aura second iteration.

  • Deep thinking second iteration, parabola target is mouse position.

  • Static discharge second iteration, toggle input.

  • Second iteration plasma cannons, shooting combo.

  • Implemented efficient circuits ability.

  • Set battle leet 7 on map.

  • Splitter Storm second iteration.

  • ZeroFace ability rework.

  • Readjusted VFX of Harvest Laser and Splitter Storm.

  • Adjusted initial slow effect of ZeroHands combo.

  • Changed spawn point of the thrusters projectile.

  • Implemented a first iteration of the game flow / user journey.

  • Ran a QA pass to find bugs in the skills.

WEEK 19: 2022-05-09


  • Meetings, looking for bugs and unintended behaviours.

  • Removing non-interesting skills from documentation.

  • Proposal for matchmaking rules.


  • Finished: Antenna_WarTagged.

  • Finished: Antenna_Bent.

  • Finished: Antenna_SateliteDish.

  • Finished: Antenna_BoosterSignal.

  • Finished: Antenna_Snapped.

  • Finished: Antenna_JoyStick.

  • Finished: Antenna_Improvissed.

  • Finished: Antenna_DiamondTipped.

  • Working on: Plume.

  • Finished inevitability glove asset (Hands category).

  • Finished gold crown asset (Head category).

  • Finished silver crown asset (Head category).

  • Finished obsidian crown asset (Head category).


  • Implemented pickaxe ability.

  • Fixed being able to make actions on glitch out ability.

  • Fixed hands abilities not implementing energy gain.

  • Correction on abilities movement penalty.

  • Apply movement penalty effect on commit ability.

  • Removed movement penalty effect on start ability.

  • Implemented inevitablity gloves ability.

  • Implemented pong thrust.

  • Implemented harvest laser ability.

  • Implemented spliter storm ability.

  • Implemented update and get inventory.

  • Working on multiplayer match.

WEEK 18: 2022-05-02


  • Organizing playtesting sessions with internal team in order to improve and tweak dashes’ skills.

  • Added final references and combo movements to the skill listing.

  • Worked on polishing skills with the programming team.


  • Plasma ray gun finished.

  • Thrusters finished.

  • Plasma cannon finished.

  • Inevitability glove WIP.

  • 60% of the rig completed.

  • Entrance2 completed.

  • Baseball bat items WIP.


  • Implemented Forward Thrust ability.

  • Implemented Deep Thinking ability.

  • Implemented Boosted Thrust ability.

  • Implemented custom cooldown effect.

  • Implemented custom cost effect.

  • Implemented editable damage.

  • Modified abilities cooldowns, cost and damage.

  • Implemented Snap jaw ability.

  • Implemented new stun gameplay tag state.

  • Implemented seeing red ability.

  • Implemented shared splinter ability.

  • Implemented sabers ability.

  • Implemented satellite crash ability.

  • Modified testing room and added interaction box to add abilities for each battle leet.

  • Implemented artic aura ability.

  • Implemented bouncing thrust ability.

  • Implemented handheld console ability.

  • Implemented lightweight leap ability.

  • Implemented Gamepad ability.

  • Implemented Berserk leap ability.

  • Added Clear all abilities button to Leet debug menu.

  • Implemented Thrusters ability.

  • Currently working on Harvest Laser ability.

  • Functionality to register and login created on backend (API).

WEEK 17: 2022-04-25


  • Playtesting and improving skills.

  • Expanded size of the greyblock (design & art task).

  • Detected polish tasks for the programming team.

  • Added references for every skill on the skill list.


  • Entrance1 texture finished.

  • Platform texture finished.

  • Wall1 Texture Finished.

  • Handheld console asset finished.

  • Saber asset finished.

  • Pickaxe asset finished.

  • Boxing gloves asset finished.

  • Changed the dimensions of the greyblock.

  • Plasma ray gun WIP.

  • Thrusters WIP.

  • Started the rig for the character.


  • Implemented nunchucks ability and added rotation penalty to baseball bat ability.

  • Added show leet (piece picker / skill selector) debug menu button.

  • Implemented zealous leap ability.

  • Implemented diamonds are forever.

  • Implemented simulate weakness ability.

  • Implemented Zero hands ability.

  • Implemented Zero chest ability.

  • Implemented Zero dash ability.

  • Implemented Zero face ability.

  • Implemented Nunchucks.

  • Implemented Diamonds are forever.

  • Implemented Simulate Weakness.

  • Implemented Boosted thrust.

  • Implemented Plasma ray gun.

  • Implemented Snapjaw.

  • Implemented Seeing red.

  • Implemented Shared splinter.

  • Implemented Plasma cannons.

  • Implemented Taxman.

  • Implemented forward thrust.

  • Implemented Deep thinking.

  • Made combo system to melee abilities.

  • Fixed damage counters with damage execution calculation.

  • Implemented Plasma ray gun ability.

  • Added Leet Debug Menu Cheat.

  • Changed ability icons.

  • Checked ability tags to be assigned correctly.

WEEK 16: 2022-04-18


  • Playtesting Pipeline.


  • Entrance2 - Low poly model w/ Bakes.

  • Stands - Low Poly model w/ Bakes.

  • Platform - Currently working on hp.

  • Gamepad asset finished.

  • Handheld device high poly stage ongoing.

  • Chest robe low poly and texture.

  • Boxing gloves high poly.

  • Nunchucks model and textures.


  • Implemented skill boxing gloves.

  • Implemented skill static discharge.

  • Implemented skill party rock.

  • Implemented skill baseball bat.

  • Implemented skill chameleon.

  • Implemented skill neo landing.

  • Implemented skill high roller.

  • Added BoxOverlap, SphereOverlap and CapsuleOverlap functions.

WEEK 15: 2022-04-11


  • Added variant units and placeholder values.

  • Added skill references for the chest tab.

  • Added chest skills.


  • Created the "stands" 3D model.

  • Created the "stands divisions" 3D model.

  • Created the "Entrance2" 3D model.

  • Finished the pistol asset (model, bakes, textures).

  • Started work on the gamepad model.

  • Created the robe high poly model.


  • Implemented interact to equip skills.

  • Resized room 1 and 2.

  • Polished room 2 with:

    • A mechanic in which the game will hold on until 2 players connect to start the match.

    • In case some player disconnects, the match resets.

    • Round won placeholder message.

    • Round timer to start.

    • Delay between rounds.

    • Delay between matches.

    • Match won placeholder message.

    • Put players back into initial position after each round/match.

  • Replaced and renamed stat modifiers areas.

  • Added interact prompt for each triggerable on the floor.

  • All the projectile skills now hide the mouse cursor.

  • Changed the camera distance to properly test the range of skills.

  • Added area of effect with point and release skill.

  • Modified projectile skills to be activated with right click.

  • Modified acquisition of abilities so it removes the ability with the same input.

  • Updated health slots on health increase.

  • Removed mannequins from battle level.

  • Implemented cost effect for abilities.

  • Added instant regeneration to the dummy and changed its texture to red.

  • Added ability tags and implemented energy stat modifier.

  • Added an option to equip the skill, being reflected in the keyboard input and UI skills showcase.

  • Added DoT mechanic.

WEEK 14: 2022-04-04


  • UX - made changes to account for Emotes.

  • Documentation of Emote system, updated control scheme.

  • Proposal for "Body" skills.


  • Finished modeling and baking "Wall_Asset".

  • Finished High and Low poly of "Entrance" asset, currently doing UVS.

  • Finished "Katana" asset (model and bakes).

  • Started "Katana" textures and "Pistols" model.


  • Fixed a bug where the parabola wasn’t being activated in multiplayer.

  • Implemented the damage counters.

  • Fixed head item.

  • Fixed parabola dropping fps.

  • Added particle in line travel behaviour.

  • Added particle in ground select.

  • Added numbers to health and energy bars.

  • Implemented ESC/P menu.

  • Implemented target dummy.

  • Added skill cooldown display.

  • Fixed hand skills being replaced.

  • Added a second room to try multiplayer with timed combat.

  • Capped framerate at 60 FPS to avoid GPU overheating.

  • Fixed a bug where the camera changed to first person.

  • Fixed death bugs.

  • Removed the second HP&MP bars.

  • Added numbers to the current HP&MP bars.

  • Added build hash to keep track while doing QA.

WEEK 13: 2022-03-28


  • Skills for cases where a piece is missing.

  • Status effects reference chart.

  • Account progression system, first cut.

  • Emote system, first cut.


  • 3D production of the environment started (walls).

  • 3D production for weapons (katana).


  • Added win condition by time, the player remaining with the most health wins.

  • Timer added to the HUD.

  • In-game scores are saved after each round, displayed in the HUD (On-time condition)

WEEK 12: 2022-03-21


  • Zero Leet proxy designs, with temporal values.

  • Game flowchart documented.

  • Game UX documented.


  • Finalized stadium concept.

  • Blocking of the stadium implemented on engine.

  • Individual concepts of the stadium assets (WIP).


  • Implemented click and confirm ability.

  • Added range to ground select.

  • Implemented line travel ability.

  • Reduced build size for server deployment.

  • Added utility functions to know when a player acquires a certain skill.

  • Modified Win Condition: Rounds (After any player wins 3 matches, the game stops resetting).

  • Added Buff/Debuff areas for Health and Energy.

WEEK 11: 2022-03-14


  • UX for Main Menu: Play, Assemble, and Leets Screens.

  • UX for battle and round rewards, victory and loss.

  • Meeting with the leets team to solve some questions about game systems.


  • Finished Battle Leet textures.

  • Fixed Battle Leet skeletal mesh structure and reworked some aspects of the model, UVs and textures.

  • Rigged the character with the UE skeleton.

  • Started the stadium concept: image concept, basic 3D blocking to imagine spaces and proportions.


  • Implemented Katana Skill.

  • Implemented Attribute Head and pickup abilities.

  • Moved pistol skill to item.

  • Gameplay HUD to see hp and Energy.

  • Equip mesh on item pickup on top of adding ability/stats.

  • Added placeholder Icons for abilities to the HUD.

  • Added Max Health and Max Energy parameters.

  • Implemented Pistol skill.

  • Added the winning condition.

WEEK 10: 2022-03-07


  • Updated winning conditions (combat page).

  • Increased skills database.

  • Completed the "Zero Leet" design.

  • Started Game Flow chart.


  • Retopology for base Battle Leet.

  • Textures for base Battle Leet.

  • Level greybox for space and sizes testing


  • Completed Technical Design Document.

WEEK 9: 2022-02-28


  • Player movement and camera.

  • Control scheme overview.

  • Player values and parts (Battle Leets attributes) - WIP.

  • Combat mechanics - WIP.

  • Skills - WIP.


  • Started retopology for one Battle Leet.

  • Exploring visual styles for the Battle Leet (in-game).


  • Started Technical Design Document.

  • Created project’s repository.

  • Started prototype: basic movement, isometric camera, added a couple of decals for visual representation of skills indicators.

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