Token and Security

Here at GMR, all our smart contracts are written in-house by a team of dedicated and experienced developers.
Our experienced development team and associates include Information Security specialists and Computer Science graduates specializing in blockchain security.
GMR takes security very seriously. We understand the risks involved in smart contract development and are aware of tactics employed by scam token projects such as centralization vulnerabilities.
To maximize trust and to put security at the forefront of what we do, we took the following measures when creating and deploying the GMR token contract:
  • Developed in-house with industry-leading OpenZeppelin ERC20 standards.
  • Applied ZERO tokenomics to the token.
  • CertiK audited with a 100% score.
  • Used a Multisig & Timelock ownership structure via OpenZeppelin Defender.
  • Committed to creating a community governance mechanism before May 2022.
We are currently engaged in discussions with key community members to create a suitable and transparent community governance solution. Please look out for further updates on our official social media channels.
Last modified 8mo ago