Festival Of Gaming

Event figures recorded January 28th 2022.

GMR On The Map

GMR announced the "FOG" in October 2021. The Festival is scheduled to run for six months with an option to extend. The event is powered by and in partnership with eFuse, whose robust solution solves esports’ talent discovery challenges by providing a pipeline for top talent to compete, connect with other competitors, and access opportunities for growth. With vast experience in influencer lead gaming events, and by being partnered with world-renowned game labels such as EA, they are the perfect partner to put GMR on the map.
The Festival has a dedicated landing page on the GMR Center where details of each event can be found, alongside a schedule of all upcoming events for the current month.
The Festival Of Gaming is a fantastic opportunity to drive awareness of GMR to the very audience we are aiming to attract, and presented by trusted industry figures.

The Story So Far

As of January 2022, the Festival Of Gaming has run for two months and delivered 35 events:
  • 126 giveaways.
  • $50,000 in cash/GMR prizes.
  • Over 10,000 new members to the GMR Center.
  • Over 1.9m page visits.
The Festival Of Gaming is an ongoing event, figures are updated regularly but may not be accurate at the time of reading. We will indicate at the top of this page the date all figures were recorded.
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